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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Signs, signs...everywhere!

 There once was a favorite song of mine that had this very same title.  I really didn't think much about understanding the songs lyrics back then, but I sure do now.

There have been signs since the beginning of time, telling and fore-telling events to come and those forgotten.  For example, when a you plant a seed into the ground and it sprouts a twig or plant, the signs are good that the plant will probably succeed in growing a tree. Or, when the clouds outside are dark and gray accompanied with lightening and thunder.. its a very good sign that the weather is about to get very ugly and the plans to take the family to the beach may have to be canceled. 

I remember some time ago, when I looked into the mirror my face was clear, smooth and soft to the touch.  But I failed to notice that my parents are grandparents who viewed themselves in that same mirror saw themselves the total opposite. As a youngster I didn't understand that this was a sign that I too would grow and look older.

The point is, there are positive and negative signs around us daily.

Here's another example. Its no secret that our society has become an unruly and violent one.  We can think, say and act on every single negative emotion we are big enough to feel. This behavior in most cases will lead some to believe that they are entitled, invincible and untouchable by any and everyone who courageously questions their intentions.  The order of the day is that its my business and no one else has the right to challenge it.  Take notice how our leaders, bicker and fight openly and boldly rationalize or pass it off as its just a healthy debate about the issues. Then, before the camera's stop rolling,  they throw out a disclaimer by saying, " I'm not responsible if some quack takes it upon themselves to do something stupid."

Sadly though, when people are left to interpret the meanings of those hateful, spiteful words that sometimes promote violence, the troubled and uninformed person is moved to act.

Sometimes that action, results in the lost of innocent lives.

Not long ago in Arizona, a U.S. Congresswoman and several other individuals were shot  by a 21 year old male, who for whatever reason only known to himself, also took the life of a nine year old child, who was also in attendance at that scheduled event.

Were there signs?  Of course, there were signs..., there's always signs.  Were the signs clear ones and could it be that they were just simply ignored by observers who resolved that, it was none of my business.

So, where does it end, can we or will we ever be able to fix this problem that affects us all?

I don't know, nor do I have all the answers, but its clear to me that perhaps the answer lies within the..SIGNS!

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