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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Essence of Quality

I was involved in a conversation with a few buddies recently, when the dialog changed from professional sports to topics about our kids and the upcoming summer break. One of the guys was divorced and was going on and on about all the times he frequently visits with his daughter. My initial internal thoughts were wow!!, what a great dad.

We all kind of alternated and shared what we actually do with are kids during these precious and opportune times. The divorced dad, stated that, because he works a lot of hours, he usually takes his kid to the office and just lets them hang out with the office clan and sometimes they even get to sit in with him, through a meeting or two. The other dads talked about, time at the park, beach, zoo, etc.

All of us, honestly felt strong about what we've demonstrated to be great dads, and thank goodness we fought the temptation to be openly judgmental of each other. After all, we are buds, right? But, through it all, we collectively agreed that we were great when it came to 'Quantity" time, but we obviously could improve and focus more on "Quality" time.

Webster says there is a difference between the two words, and who am I to argue with the man; the myth; the legend, Mr. Dictionary.

Since I'm no expert, I will offer this.

Its essential, that we all spend valuable time with those we love and care about. Sometimes its not so much the length of time that's important. Perhaps that special someone is specifically in need of your undivided attention, or maybe the need is to just make eye contact, or offer a reassuring smile. In other words, an acknowledgement from you of them.

Sometimes, we're not asked or required to physically fix a problem, but perhaps we're simply needed to just listen to a situation or thought.

Have you ever wondered why God gave us all, two ears and one mouth... ummm. In other words, more listening and less talking. Try it sometimes, just know that, it does take work!!

There is a discipline known as "ACTIVE" listening, below are 4 of them.

1. You have to avoid and eliminate all BIASES

2. Then HEAR literally

3. So that you can INTERPRET accurately

4. and finally, ACT appropriately

Now go out, give of yourself and share some QUALITY time!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sustained Energy

I have a question just for you.

Are you one of those people who get up early in the morning, all fired up to start your day with a Bang! Arriving at work cheerful and greeting every single soul with a thunderous GOOD MORNING!!

Then you proceed to your personally assigned space in the corner of the building, feeling happy, territorial and anxious to just jump in your inbox with both feet. You've got papers coming in and papers flying out, you're on a roll. Suddenly, you start to hear rumblings and strange noises, that sounds like the rush of a mighty wind in the pit of your gut. You fight it off and in the far off distance, some slacker mentions lunch, but of course you ignore them and respectfully decline, because the last thing on your mind, is stopping to feed those hideous demons who are at war in your stomach. Everyone including yourself knows, that skipping meals can be hazardous to your overall health. Besides, you've already had 5 cups of good ole 100% addicting caffeine, who needs to stop and get more ENERGY. Plus, if by chance you acquire a health problem from it, one can always visit their doctor who will be glad to prescribe one of those FDA approved drugs.

Thank God, we have more options.

If you are looking to recharge your body and mind with a boost of sustained energy, that features a proprietary blend of antioxidants and formulated with the Brazilian super fruit ACAI, that's taste great, increases performance and concentration levels without the high sugar stimulant crashes, you and thousands of others who already drink my favorite purple juice are among the very fortunate.

Coming soon this summer, is a 100% natural ENERGY source drink that's healthy, 80% fruit juice, in a per 8.4 oz. can with:

No preservatives

No artificial flavors

No artificial sweeteners

No artificial colors

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Today was truly a special day. Americans across this land and abroad were taking a moment to remember the the true Hero's of our time. It's all about the many men and women who've made the decision to sacrifice and fight for what they believed in, which was unrelenting and everlasting FREEDOM!

Today, I also want to introduce you to a present generation of young women, who are making a huge and significant statement right now, rather than wait for the unknown possibilities of tomorrow. Today they collectively decided to become and remain CHAMPIONS. They are learning at a young age, to do the things that are right and to take a stand against those things that are wrong. They are learning what it means to persevere, to have child-like faith and to be strong in the face of overwhelming odds. It's about being competitive, yet understanding and exhibiting respect and good sportsmanship toward others. The have learned that there is no "I", in TEAM and they've demonstrated over and over again that there is a major difference between Winners and Whiners. This extraordinary characteristic of theirs, is reminiscent of a book I've read, that bears a similar title, authored by Keith Cameron Smith.

These Young Hero's are known near and far as the West Pines United Adidas Girls U12, Soccer Team.

This weekend they defended their Championship title, defeated all of their scheduled competitors, at the Disney Wide World of Sports Tournament, in Orlando, Florida.

I am very proud of each and every player on this team, as well as all of their wonderful parents.

Special thanks and congratulations to head coach, Wayne Smith and his assistant Danny Amador.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Juiced Up car

Wow! Today at 1p.m. (EST) on one of your local channel listings, Professional race car drivers Will Power and Thomas Scheckter are participating in the BIG race today. Scheckter will race the number 19 car, in the Indianapolis 500. This particular race is usually held over the Memorial Day weekend holiday and is one of the oldest motor sport events in the world.

One of the main reasons this race and its driver is so important to me, is because the number (19) driven car, specifically relates to the exact number of fruits and berries that are formulated in the 'ACAI" blended juice I drink everyday.  It's the juice I've told all my family and friends about.  It's the same juice that has literally changed my life, both from a health and wealth standpoint.

In fact, I am going to reach into my refrigerator right now and have another 2-4 oz.

What a Great day!

The Unforgettables

Tomorrow is Memorial day. It is an observed National American Holiday, set a side especially to remember those, who were killed in service to this country dating back as far as as the Revolutionary War to the present. Countless numbers of Men and Women have made the ultimate sacrifice for our many freedoms.

May God continue to bless you and may God continue to bless America.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sunshine on a cloudy day

The weather man had been going on and on for several days now about all the rain and thunderstorms expected through the week. My first thought was "BUMMER!!, there goes all the wonderful plans for the weekend. Of course, all of this would be true, if I had really made plans. Thank goodness for retirement. But, when I'm faced with adversities and negativity's, my options are calculated and clear. I always look for the positives or better yet, I look for all those wonderful opportunities.

So I did. Instead of thinking about gloom and doom, I began to be thankful for being among the living. Next, instead of feeling low and lethargic, I simply reached in my refrigerator for 2-4 ounces of the most incredible life changing, anti-oxidant, energy boosting, cold and delicious purple acai blended juice in the world, and drank it. AWESOME!!

Well, now I was ready to go outside, except that I suddenly looked up and saw the depressing sight of all those huge clouds up above, that were hanging low; dark grey and full of massive droplets of wet misery. But, I quickly realized that the trees and grass around me, were very happy. I would have ventured out further, but my wife and daughter had taken the family car out of town for a soccer tournament. So, I decided to rent a car, and not just any car. I chose the brightest, most uplifting, inspiring, gossip provoking car in the lot. It was so loud in color even I needed a pair of sunglasses to approach it.

So I guess the Temptations are not the only ones who can sing "I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day"
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