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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Holidays

Now that we've all celebrated and enjoyed Thanksgiving, its time to move forward to another highly celebrated holiday fit for a "King"... if you know of whom and what I mean.

With me it starts out being more about making the choices between Christmas tree A, B or C and to make things a bit interesting, there are always new vendors popping up annually all over the place, proclaiming to have the perfect one.  Some of my favorites have moved to other locations for larger space which tend to drive me nuts.  Heck, I need a GPS monitor just to keep track of all the migrations.  Either way, timing is everything and so I've got to get busy.

As I ventured out today, looking and sorting through tree after tree, I came across a few that were so magnificent they should only be found located on the front lawn of our nations Capitol in Washington DC.

As a child, I was always told that Christmas was somewhat magically, but as I grew older I moved away from those beliefs. Then suddenly something very strange happened, and as if out of no where, I thought I heard the sounds of simple and humble words screeching through and from behind all the thick forest of Christmas tress in front of me.

I literally heard pleadings saying... "Pick me, Pick Meeee!!" echoing over and over.

So, I decided to take a closer look and..... there it was.

Yes!!, that one I shout out, as I pointed to the most beautiful and perfect tree hidden amongst some of the  ugliest, leafless, creepiest, shortest, colorless trees on the property. 

Whew! my search was over.  As I drove home with the new addition to our living room, I began to think about the fate of all the other trees left behind. Would they also be chosen; would their owners find them just as beautiful and just as purposeful and most importantly, just as significant as the one I chose for our families Christmas holiday.

Of course they will, I said to myself.  It should never, ever be about the outside appearance, but always about the essence of character and substance of a person and any this particular case that of a thing.

Life for me is about living and about making good and positive choices vs. the type of negative choices that only allow us to just merely exist or settle.

Now its your turn... Go out there and remember to choose wisely.

From all of mine, to all of you and yours, have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's All Yours

Today, at this very moment is one of those phenomenas that will create new visions, dreams, desires, opportunities and memorable experiences.

It has been stated that, "Today is truly a GIFT and that's why it is known as, The Present".

Its interesting that some of us fail to understand or relish in this fact.  It's as if the mere vocalization of the word TODAY transforms itself into something evil, a myth or an untruth being offered as punishment for just existing.  Make no mistake life as we know it is quite temporary. Just as a day begins..., at some point it does end. The resulting punishment may reside in our ignorance, of not taking full advantage of the precious moments every sunrise we experience brings.

There have been an ocean full of atrocities, adversities, social and economic injustice', cast on mankind, but what if anything did we personally do, to change the outcome of these imposed negatives to make them result in positives ?

Have you ever been in the company of people who just complain about everything?

Some may complain about not having more money, respect, attention or love. They shout out into this worlds abyss that.., more is better!
Yet all the atrocities and indifferences linger and continue to thrive amongst us.

Well..... more attention hasn't stopped it, more money couldn't stop it and more respect didn't stop it.

Perhaps MORE LOVE is truly the resolve we ultimately need and should passionately seek.

TODAY... this very day, which of course could be our last is truly to each recipient, a precious GIFT.
Participation in it requires an unconditional expression of praise and devotion to the one true giver of this Present.

Only then.. this very moment.. this Today, can you treasure these uttered words.... It's All Mine and I accept It!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fishing for... LOVE

Growing up in Miami for me was great. Perhaps if you were like me, you had everything imaginable and available around you to keep you amused. As the years came and went, I started to wonder what it would be like to have a relationship of my very own and most importantly, what the heck was a "relationship" and then, how to accomplish or get one.

I began to closely observe the personal relationalship behavior of my parents which was slow paced and to me, not very exciting to watch as far as I was concerned. Don't get me wrong or become perplexed about my reality, its just that I was only about age 7 then.  Now, I don't know about you, but seeing my parents kissing was like..... auggh!

Thank you God, that I was blessed with not one, but two older brothers who, unbeknown to them, were instrumental in, lets just say uh.. they opened my eyes.  I was watching every move, stance and gesture they made.  I even went as far as to memorize their special brew or blend of how to 'RAP'. Ha, Ha, Ha!!. I had no clue of what I was saying or what it all meant, but when I opened my mouth and uttered the words, it sounded smooooooth. So, fake it if you must, but look good doing it.  Either way, through the magic of trial and error, I like many other inspiting "Don Juan's",  sometimes got it right.

I am by no means an expert of this topic but, if you've found yourself in what I call a relationship disaster, better known as an absolute NIGHTMARE that just won't go away, then its possible that some or all of the blame starts with the man in the mirror.
Sometimes when we think of starting a relationship, we fail to seek out or simply do not care about gaining any real understanding of its true meaning.

Webster says a relationship is a state of connectedness between people (especially an emotional connection).  Its a state involving mutual dealings between them. (making all parties accountable)
There is one group of individuals that just drive me nuts. These relationship geniuses are of the ever present, fast paced, pain in the butt group of people who blantantly start relationships based on, "I'm with you only for the moment or until I get bored with you or simply my dear,What have you done for me lately".

Trust me, they're out there, everywhere, at work, school, the mall, the movies, your favorite restaurant, at church and even in your cell phone's contact list.

Scary isn't it.

What's even scarier, is that there are some who know this is a bad deal and instead of running away as fast as they can, they get involved or settle for this form of punishment, in spite of the reality. Perhaps the vilian within is a lack of self esteem, or some form of co-dependency, which without indepth examination can sometimes create an illussion of looking like the real thing thats being search for...,True Love.

Think back and remember the last time you were out and was just minding your own business, when suddenly you glanced up and met the attractive and pleasing eyes of another. Your inner voice tells you to ignore it and move on, but that other inner voice shouts louder and makes you take a second look only this time you smile or wriggle your nose or even send a wink. Then suddenly, in the next breath your brain turns to mush and you can't speak or articulate and you're left with the abnormal ability to immediately resort to acronyms like .... OMG!!! or just... OOOOOH. Your entire body language is focused and sending strong impulsing messages of "Yeah baby, I'm the one, so lets get it on"!

OK, Calm down, you can stop now..., it was only an illusion.

So was it fate, or chance that you met? Or should I ask myself..., did you pick them or did they pick you?

I would suggest that we all spend the time needed to acquire long and lasting relationships built on common sense values. Such as, do I need or do I merely just want a relationship?

As the the picture above may indicate... He or She are exactly who they are. You can't change them, nor should you seek to. Plain and simply my friends.. It is what it is and they are who you thought they were.

Perhaps if your luck continues to run out and you're tired of falling in love, when the true goal needed to be, growing in love. Consider this the next time, you cast a line in the sea of romance to hook... "the one".

Maybe, just maybe its a real good time to also practice, "CATCH and RELEASE"!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Let The Winds Blow

Its raining today, which is not the normal, sunny and fair weathered South Florida area, some of us are familiar with . I'm not attempting to be a jinx or my no means, project or predict what this years Hurricane season may or may not bring, so you can trust that I'll just continue to leave all the predictions up to the experts.

Personally, I sincerely pray that every storm season comes and goes away with haste and without incident.

There are things that we can do and should do, before a serious threat reaches our shores. The main thing is to not get complacent and or procrastinate. There is no better time than right now to prepare. The stores are probably well stocked with the supplies and provisions you will require in the event of a serious storm. Even though our national economic situation is somewhat bleak, store prices are still low enough right now and suppliers will be more than anxious to sell you what you need. The downside is if you wait to close to the impending storms arrival, demands will be high, and prices will soar accordingly to that demand. So as they say in some circles, "the early bird gets the worm".

Start surveying your surrounds for things that require repair like the roof or electrical items; examine your shutters for wear and tear or missing hardware; stock foods that are non- perishables, and maybe this time, buy some foods that you really enjoy eating and be sure to make a contact list of immediate family members, including those out of town.  Develop and orchestrate a plan to reunited at a designated place, in the event you're displaced.  Research and have available emergency contact numbers like...Rrumor control lines; Evacuation aid and especially the American Red Cross.

Click on these important websites, to learn more: Miami Dade County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Broward County Emergency Management Agency, Fema and NOAA

The lists of helpful information are endless, but the time to act on this is right now. The local news stations, newspapers as well as your employers, family and friends, will be discussing these very same issues soon.

Lastly, I'd like to also remind you that there are all types of Hurricanes that blow through our lives. Our society has a name for each of the seasonal stormy weather types, like David, Cleo, Andrew and Katrina, etc. Unfortunately, there are some Hurricanes that have entered our lives with names such as; divorce, bankruptcy, abuse, addiction, hopelessness, cancer, depression, death and a multitude of others.  Just as we prepare for and respond to the natural disasters that come our way, its equally our responsibility to not ignore the many signs of those disasters that ultimately break the human spirit, mentally, spiritually, physically, financially and emotionally. 

Let us start today, by taking good care of ourselves as well as each other. There is always a solution and an opportunity to make things right. It maybe as simple as saying, 'I'm sorry or I need help".  It may take letting go of our ego and taking on the role of a servant who faithfully offers service to others.  The type of servant who is willing to be humble enough to start giving much more than he or she expects to receive in return.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


July 4th is an established American Holiday, that is hopefully celebrated by every United States citizen. This special day is totally about our Nations Independence. I, like others am proud to live in a time and place where FREEDOM is highly sought after and most importantly......, protected.

Of course, there will always be other entities or sources who do not share our viewpoint on FREEDOM. They are the true demons of this life, who would if they could, take away, erase, eradicate, terminate and banish each and every one of the glorious benefits of FREEDOM we share.

Everyday, plots and schemes are not only thought about and discussed by them, but plans are put in play to implement their dreadful missions. Any and all forms of dividing us are created, whether from outside this nation or from within it.  It still puzzles me why even today, there are some of us who despite the various and obvious threats that bombarded us daily, attempt to rationalize, ignore, justify or classify these hideous dilemmas as fantasies or untruths.  Do we really need another 9-11 event to convince us that the threats are real?

I, for one think NOT!!

Imagine what it would be like to not partake of any of the incredible lifestyles we enjoy and value so much? After all, what would the 4th of July feel like without fireworks, parades or barbecues ?

That would be and sound like fighting words to me... "Annie git yore gun."

We should all be inspired to send up countless number of praises that we were not born in some of the other parts of the world, where the only freedom available everyday, is to do only what you're told to do, without question, and if that was not enough, you're told that NOTHING you have is ever rightfully yours to own. The mere thought of such atrocities forced on anyone are frightening and incomprehensible.

Webster describes INDEPENDENCE as...., Freedom from control or influence of another or others

The choices of freedom we have today for enjoying all of our tomorrows are truly a blessing.

Join me in thanking God, for the many brave men and women who fight faithfully everyday for our FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE, even while we peacefully sleep and sometimes regrettably take everything they do for us for granted.  Again I say....., thank you.

Have a SAFE and Happy 4th of July!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

No Rain In Sight

Opportunities and positive events are always present, provided we look for them and place ourselves in position to receive them. Although it somehow seems easier to fixate on the negatives or the short term "I want it now", craze in our lives, just remember this type of mentality oftentimes will result in more crash events like... sadness, dismay, disbelief, unfulfilled, defeat, and panic.

A friend shared this statement with me once, she said that "In the absence of faith, doubt and fear are present".  After considering this profound statement, I also surmised that, Fear and Faith would be find difficulty to coexist at the same time, but if somehow it does, which of these two factors would ultimately prevail in my life?

I believe that we all want to take advantage of positive opportunities that come our way, but sometimes we allow that other inner voice between your ears to scream out... "This one is not for you; you can't do it and you don't deserve it... Or what you seek, is simply meant for someone else".

The problem as I see it is somehow, some way we have chosen to allow others to speak negatively into your lives, and depending on that individuals personal status level or influence on us, we've literally excepted whole heartily their opinionated filled speech to us as the truth and sadly without any further investigation on our part.

 No one has the right to speak negatively into our existence and we just except it.... NO ONE. Period!

Here's my personal solution or affirmation:

STARTING RIGHT NOW, each and everyday, as I look at my reflection in the mirror, I will no longer view that image as a stranger. I will no longer see a small or insignificant me. For, everyday that I breathe oxygen on this earth, I will always strive to grow and move forward in life, because the huge impact and influence that I may personally have on others is needed, required and valid. I will become stronger and stronger in self confidence to Live and Love unconditionally. If I sincerely help and invest quality time in those that I know and love, as well as all the others I will encounter... then I can expect and look forward to all my impossibles becoming all of my desired possibles.

Life is a JOURNEY, and every curve, valley, hill, mountain, river, dead end, etc., should be enjoyed and appreciated immensely without reservations. I will work diligently not to focus solely on the DESTINATION!

Believers know this to be true..

If through the rain (hard times), we continue to have faith and unwavering belief in that faith then...

All our days will become Diamonds and none of those days... Stones.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Every once in awhile, someone speaks or does something that immobilizes you or just simply stops you dead in your tracks. These extraordinary and amazing events can be extremely overwhelming to most of us, even to the point of being just down right... PRICELESS.

Visualize with me for a moment....

can you remember what it was like to gaze up into the heavens and observing your very first sunrise or sunset?  How about the first time you witnessed a newborn coming into this world and watching them take their very first breath.  That moment was especially significant when the newborn's birth I witnessed was that of my very own children.

Events of this nature occur in our lives daily, which is why this particular post is titled.... PRICELESS!!

The following is a just one more example of incredible events communicated in the form of thoughts, that just took my breath away.  These PRICELESS thoughts were written by unknown person(s) to me and because the words are powerful, positive and helpful, I'm motivated to sharing them with all of you.

Please Remember...

Everyone Can't Be in Your Front Row

Life is a theater - invite your audience carefully. Not everyone is spiritually healthy and mature enough to have a front row seat in our lives. There are some people in your life that need to be loved from a distance. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you LET GO, or at least minimize your time with draining, negative, incompatible, not-going-anywhere relationships, friendships, or those we fellowship with!

Observe the relationships around you and be sure to pay attention to which ones lift and which ones lean; Which ones encourage and which ones discourage; Which ones are on a path of growth uphill and which ones are going downhill. 

When you leave or avoid certain people, do you feel better or feel worse? Amazingly some of our chosen  relationships flood our lives with endless drama.  Unfortunately they don't really understand, know and appreciate you for incredible gifts that lie within you.

When we start to value and seek personal growth, peace of mind, love and truth, the easier it will become for us to decide who gets to sit in the FRONT ROW and who should be moved to the rear balcony of and in our lives.

We cannot always change the people around us...,  but we can change the people we are around!

Ask God for godly wisdom and discernment and choose wisely the people who sit in the front row of your life.

Monday, March 28, 2011

This Magic Moment

As the song's lyrics suggest...., "Magic Moments" experienced each and every single day, are all at times vastly different and new; they're really unlike any other, and once they are gone you'll never see or live another one exactly like it again.

Looking back, over my life I can remember taking a lot for granted. Things like thinking I would stay young, smart and or even living forever.  Obviously forgetting that life disguised as time, would eventually change myself and everyone else too.  Not only in the way we physically felt and looked, but most importantly the way we think.

These days, I get up feeling and acknowledging how truly blessed we all are. Thank god, I'm personally not awaken to the sounds and smells of war and the countless numbers of deaths that are part of its results.  In some places around the world its all some people know, breathe and live constantly.  Lately though, some have begun to stand up and fight back against the insanity of their dictators, who for whatever reason believe that an oppressed nation is a happy nation. Surely, I sympathize with them for having to exist under these conditions, but unfortunately, if I were asked to  change places with them for a moment or a day, my answer would be simple and clear.

In a word...NO!

Although, I sincerely do wish that they could experience the peace and tranquility, I sometimes take for granted in this country, at least for just a moment in their time.  In comparison to their everyday world, I guess my life here on this side of the fence... really is paradise. 

So, here's some thoughts on what I'm doing to sow and reap Magic Moments...

I've got to continue to enjoy this life that I have by first recognizing that I must first begin to live it, love it and share it.  Understanding that everything that exists, happens for a reason; That every thing is not all about me and that somethings do take time, and in fact there is more to life than just sitting around and contemplating on how to speed it up, while forgetting that without a plan to where I'm going, I'm destined to end up some place else.

I must strive to be steadfast in gaining a better appreciation for the people, places and things that impact my love for life.  I have discovered, that it may be as simple as looking up and instantly being overwhelmed by a beautiful sunrise or sunset or hearing and listening to the birds that sing, or caressing the flow of air that I'm able to breathe even though I can't literally see it, yet knowing that its there in abundance every time I arise to see a new day.

Remembering the experience and answers I searched for, on one occasion as I looked down on the remains of a loved and respected family member, who had lived her life on earth for 94 blessed  years.  As the feelings of hopelessness and pain raced through my core, I suddenly realized that through all the sadness and heartbreak displayed in that building, my subconscious senses were now being repeatedly bombarded with the awesome and awakening sounds from none other than a newborn in attendance three rows behind me. Their tiny and incredible utterances of love, joy and happiness, miraculously drowned out my selfish tears of sorrow and woe.

The rewarding results of that small "Magic Moment", was huge and gave me reassurance that life will continue to go on with or without me, but while I'm still here, its a responsibility of mine to give back into that which I partake of.

Mark Twain said once that, "Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see".  In like manner, I've heard it said that, negative thoughts create negative beliefs which govern our attitudes and actions to create negative beliefs.  So if this is a true statement, can you imagine what impact positive thoughts will and would have on ourselves and those we have influence on?

Just Live, Love and Share life. Strive without regret to give these intricate and important factors your very very best each day.   

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