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Thursday, May 1, 2014


Hello, usually I love to begin my day with starring out the window to greet the mornings magnificent sunrise. As I listen to the little birds singing cheerfully in the distant trees, I reflect back on the weeks blessed opportunities. Not only am I appreciative or speak of the ones I've reached out to and took hold of, but also those very special ones I missed because I did not recognize them or because I may not have positioned myself accordingly to recieve them.

Afterwhich, I then find a quiet corner and offer the inspired thoughts of my heart, mind and soul, in the numerous pages of this blog.

Today, I wish to say, "Thank You", to all of you that have visited this blog site and without reservation, went a step further to introduce it to the others within your influence.

Below is a list of what I and others like yourselves have considered the Best of "JUST LOVE". They can be accessed simply by clicking on any of the below selected "Top Ten" titles.

Join me to discover and rediscover them again...... THANKING EACH AND EVERYONE YOU!!

"JUST LOVE's" TOP TEN Selections:

Life's evening sun
How can I help
Shout while you still can
The devil made me do it
Brain Food
Tic Toc Tic
If the shoe fits
Love is in the air
The winter Will Come
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