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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Return of... "No Need To Fear"

Very soon this month, specifically on the 31st day of the week, several different populated sides of this planet will voluntarily engage in dressing up in strange clothing (better known as costumes), and participate in what is known as HALLOWEEN.

Usually, for many the favorite Halloween color represented is your basic orange and black combination. Additionally, the event is largely associated with the use of symbolic images like, jack-o-lanterns, witches, scary stories etc.

It may sounds like a lot of fun, but it's not necessarily fun for everyone. There are some religious skeptics who have voiced serious concerns over the years, due to their belief that Halloween, is in direct conflict with their specific faith teachings.

They believe that any association with Halloween has become less about fun and celebration, but more about Satan and demon worshipping. Ouch!

I grew up living with a very strict and religious family and can't ever remember going trick or treating. Sometimes I wonder and ask myself, was I really that sheltered? Did I somehow miss out on something?

Actually, I only think about such things when the Halloween festivities come and go, or when we escort my youngest daughter and grandson, door to door collecting treats and most importantly searching for the "Great Pumkin".....Ooooo!

The next big question or complaint about Halloween is at what age should one stop trick or treating? ummm.

This situation is one that probably is no big deal, but there have been times when I've responded to my front door expecting little cute and adorable youngesters, dressed in angel; spounge bob; batman; whinny the pooh; and spiderman get ups. Each and every one of them, tiny little people, with cute tiny little voices attempting to articlulate, those famous 3 words... TRICK or TREAT. . Wonderful Right?.... Wrong!!

As I'm opening the door, and starting at the feet level of the ghostly vistors, I immediately realize that those little feet are huge, massive podders that are attached to large legs and torso's, who's voices are certainly not tinnie weenie. Then as I slowly glance up at the faces of these masses of terror, it's enough to knock you off your own feet, reeling you backwards inside the door and embarassingly onto the floor. Enough already, not only are they heart attack scary, they're just to big..., And with big people ghools, come BIGGGG! ghoolish hands. Hell, they literally took more than their ghoolly share of the goodies. So much so, that it was all gone before the Halloween night came to an end.

After a few of those incidents, I now never let them reach into the goody tray anymore. Ha,Ha, Ha.....

Thank Goodness, there are lots of other options available to attract those older Halloweener's, who wish to celebrate this event. One of the options is to do what I'm doing and just pass out treats and call it a night.


They could actively and safely participate or sponsor Halloween parties involving their age related peers. ummm. Ok, that's all I've got for now. Looking forward to hearing from or seeing you all on the 31st.

Happy Halloween or should I say... TRICK or TREAT!

* This is a repost of an original archived item dated, 10/26/09, with minimal photo rearrangements.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Its morning again, I hear the sound of birds singing and I began to wonder... 

Suddenly, my face is greeted with wetness and I witness the wagging of his tail moving crazily back and forth, but I'm not alarmed or quicken to anger, and I began to wonder... 

As I look over and past a most familiar face, still ever so quietly slumbering in restful and peaceful sleep, my eyes meet the awesomeness of nature and the warm morning sun.. and I smile, and yet I continue to wonder....

Is all of this... JUST FOR ME?

To many are those, whose days and nights are filled with horror and the sounds of cruelity and of death. To many are those, who tremble and huddled together because the endless fear(s) of the unknown was and have become so deeply overwhelming. To many of those, will have no sound of joy in the trees, no faithful friend to greet their awakening eyes, no familiar loving presence of a life long mate or the laughing, happy tunes of little tiny feet, with outstretched arms running to meet them .  Yet, through it all, I somehow will be spared and wonder, will it all be... JUST FOR ME?

Why, oh why, did the thief who comes in the night pass me by? Why, did those few, who are both near and abroad, choose to protect the many and include little ole me?   How could anyone know, that I prayed for these things?  How could anyone know, that through all the negative possibilities that could engulf me, that my tiny little exisitence really mattered. 

Although the road I travel, sometimes gets rough, and some of the people around me choose to openly hate, I still somehow can reflect on the countless number of good times.  Good times when I encountered strangers who smiled as they looked me in the face... and said, "Hello".  I'm motivated to faithfully, rise every morning and awaken to the glorious sounds of life all around me and then stop, smile and breathe freely as I realize that I'm alive, worthy and well, especially with having the opportunity of sleeping in my own warm and comfortable bed. 

Hastily, as I spring up and move throughout this place that I call my own...my home, I am overjoyed and as my peace suddenly escapes me, I shout out towards the heavens..., Halleluiah!!, because the majesty of the stars and strips, affixed to my house is still intact and I'm still, oh so....... FREEEEEE! 

Yet, somehow I find myself wondering, did he really hear me, does he really know me, and if so.. why, oh why, JUST FOR ME?

Wait a minute... I remember now, I was told long ago that my thoughts are not his thoughts. That he sits high and looks low. I never have to worry, nor wait in line. There's no need for an appointment or even a co-payment, that he may not come when I want him, but he would always be there, right on time. 

The answer is clear and yes its a choice.   The truth of the matter can be summed up in just one word..."LOVE " and its truly all done.... JUST FOR ME.                

Friday, July 16, 2010


It was not to very long ago, I wrote a post about the athletic attributes of my youngest daughter Taylor.  Well that was just about a year ago, (July 25, 2009).  Of course, you may wonder why or think that I'm bragging about my kid again and If that's what you're thinking, I must admit that you're absolutely right.

Sports has always been and probably will always be significant in our families lives.  My wife and I both participated in sports and found it very rewarding. There are just so many amazing advantages to kids and their parents when sports are included in their daily activities.  For one thing there are both mental and physical benefits as it relates to overall health.  Our daughter has a difficult time with seasonal allergies. Thanks to sports she has responded quite well when she's dealing with the wheezing and sneezing etc., because it forces her to breathe deeply and the air she's intaking is fresh and outdoors vs. being stuck indoors sucking on a humidifier.

Sports have also become a very positive distraction for her and it seems to actually enhance her competitive nature during these most difficult times.

Speaking of distractions, youth sports have in my experience, proven to help kids focus and most importantly it has kept a boatload of kids off the streets and out of trouble.  Being a retired law enforcement professional, I have personally witnessed troubled kids turn their lives around and become viable and outstanding law abidding citizens due to their involvement in sports.  Of course, there are a few who fall off the wagon and become involved with the wrong crowd or group, leading them to crime, but those aren't the ones I'm talking about. There are tons of documented success stories, than those of the failures.

Sports has a way of turning intraverted kids into excited outgoing communicating team builders and leaders.... YEAH!!

This phenomena is especially helpful when its time for them to grow up and get out into the job market(s). The beautiful results are that these kids are usually no longer insecure, but confident individuals who are driven.  They tend to look you in the eye and state exactly what it is they want and why. Sports has assisted with the development of  recognizing and enjoying the sweetness of victory, as well as shielding them against the depressive state of dealing with the agony of defeat. So if they don't win today so be it. Thankfully, it becomes somewhat of a motivator, because they've learned that you can't win by merely be comfortable to sitting on the sideline. You've got to get in the game!  The kids I'm talking about know how to do just that.

We are just so very proud of Taylor.  Although she loves practically any sport, she's really dialed into soccer and basketball.  This year she was selected to participate in a State wide soccer event called, ODP, which is an acroynm for Olympic Development Program. This was and is an incredible achievement, because you have to tryout/compete, in order to be selected.  This program, trains and prepares kids for State, Nationals, College and olympic level competitions in soccer.  She really enjoyed it and I sure she'll tryout again next year too. This year's season ending basketball playoffs, she was just short of a triple double.

"You Go GIRL!!"

So, if your brother, sister, son, daughter, niece or nehew etc. is willing to except the challenge to having absolutely incredible fun and the possibility of achieving greatness.... Please don't just point them to it, but get up and literally get involved and take them to the nearest youth sports entity and... GET IN THE GAME!        

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Will I Ever Learn

Ruff, Rufff!!! ahh, I mean hello.  My name is Jack, and although you're accustomed to hearing from my family member, I thought and heard about this thing you humans call change. Soooo, for this particular post...here comes change and you're going to love it, because if you haven't heard, my bite per square inch of power is AWESOME! Just kidding.

The photo above is one of me when I was just a wee lil pup. You see 3 and a half years ago, I was sitting all alone starring out and doing a little people watching, when this couple stopped by and gave me the warmest smile of my puppy life.  I became so overwhelmed by their exhibited non verbal skills, that my tail wagged so hard I was literally being thrown all over the place. Suddenly, I began to feel rather silly and desperately tried to control my emotions, but it was to late. That's when it happen, time seemed to slow down and the attendant's speech began to drag and slur. As she slowly approached my gate lock, and attemped to open it, her fingers seem to lose it's way. I tried to help but to no avail.  Finally, the lock gave way and I was in the arms of the lady with the pretty eyes and great smile.  We couldn't help but be a match, because after all, I picked her.

She introduced me to her partner.  He's the guy you're more familiar with and who by the way, is still trying to figure out how I managed to get into his head and write this post. But desperate times require, desperate measures.  Besides its his fault for allowing me to watch tv. I particularly like Jerry Springer and that guy who yells, "You are NOT the father", ... Ha, ha.... . Of course, my favorite is show is watching "Brian", from Family Guy.

Ok, back to my plight.

I need your help in order to find out does anyone else out there, who try with all their might to just be friendly..., get hammered when you kiss a frog?  Ummm, and if you don't, then why, Oh why sweet Jesus, is it always me?

Here's what I know.

The practice of  "toad-licking" has evolved into an urban legend, in that the venom secreted through the skin of some toads cause hallucinations. Which is why I think, I'm a contributing author of this blog post.

See what I mean?

Anyway, the venom is highly toxic to pets. Take for instance, my other friends and family members (dogs), are most likely to come in contact with a toad, and have a high probability of dying if untreated.

I quess, I should leave that curiousity thing to cats.

The Colorado River toad and the other giant toad, known as the Marine toad are the two most common venomous toads found in the U.S.  Of course this guy wouldn't win any beauty awards like yours truly, because he's all covered with warts. UGGGH!

I also found out that I don't necessarily have to lick or God forbid eat a toad, to be poisoned.  There have been cases where frogs have been attracted to a dogs water dish and just because it was unattended, they sat along the rim, leaving enough toxin to make you sick.  It's actual difficult to find the presence of  the toxin.  You technically have to see it happen, but if you're suspcious...

Here's what to look for:

If your four legged family member has ingested enough toxin, they may have an irregular heartbeat and may start acting strangely, as if they are locked in the grip of a hallucination. Call your veterinarian if you observe:

*Mouth irritation with foamy salivation
*Difficulity breathing

Well, I patiently await your reply to let me know if it's just me, because just the other day, I was in the back yard minding my own business, when suddenly there he was, gazing at me with those huge bulging eyes. I tried to just walk away, but I was trapped in their stare. That's when it happen, I heard that ribbb--it call and I... ok, I licked it. YUKK!!,  not again... "Will I Ever Learn"?

*Data collected from http://www.petplace.com/    

Sunday, June 27, 2010

For Your Precious Love...

Two days ago, my wife and I celebrated our 15th year wedding anniversary and a very dear friend of mine expressed how amazing it was that in these times, how rare it was to be in a relationship of any significant amout of time.  She then ask me if I would one day talk about how we made it, while balancing both of our demanding careers.

First and foremost,  I'm not my any means an expert when it comes to relationships. What I do know, is that based on my personal experience, relationships require time, commitment, and the willness to being honest and open to your partner as well as yourself.... ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!!

Looking back, I used to look at relationships the same way I used to value life in general. Wow, was that a big mistake. I constantly created a life filled with headaches and heartaches.  I was simply initiating relationships based solely on a "want".  Just because I was watching others around mingling and giving the appearance of having such a wonderful and exciting time together, didn't necessarily equate to long term or that life of forever after effect you read about in story books.

Of course, I'm not saying that everyone of my, "want" relationships resulted in disaster, but there usually was no tenure experienced and that was because, not long after I "fell" in love, I quickly "fell" out of love. Uummm, I wonder has this ever happen to you and your relationships too?

The key is "growing" in love. The goal is "growing in love together". The result..."PRICELESS".

Anyway, while coming up through the years, I've learned a lot about what I "want" compared to what I really "need".  What I did was honestly, evaluate each of these factors and the sum of which, put me on the right course.

Careers are great to have, but they can also be a hazzard to a relationship if YOU allow them to. Think about it, when was the last time on a cold and dark lonely night, and you're watching this incredible movie or listening to your favorite Barry White tune, and suddenly the thought of sharing this moment of hot and steamy passion with someone.... you picked up the phone and called your selfish, demanding, stressful career, to come over and extinquish your flames?  Ummm, again!

Additionally, sharing with one another is also essential.  Most, excessive career minded individuals tend to really separate their personal life from their professional life. I feel that once you both start separating some of the things in your relationship, it creates an avenue of acceptance to separate not only other things but everything.  To each his or her own, but some people take this process literally; they separate money, cars, children, the house, the food, the bed, the dog and eventually each other. This mindset, I believe sacrifices the partnership... the core of the relationship.   

Careers were invented by man, not by the higher source that I associate with, who like himself is everlasting and loves unconditionally. Let me just say, that in my book, the latter should be the pattern of our love to one another.

So, if your one and only, secret and true love is your career..., you have my heartfelt sympathy.

The choice is rather simple and ultimately always yours.  Like the songs says, It's your thing, do what you want to to do.....


Like this post title states, "For your precious love, means more to me, than any love could ever be".                 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Repost- The Winter will Come..A Tribute to my Dad

I have been involved in the health and fitness arena for a long time. I'm not a professional when it comes to nutrition or health problems, but I've enjoyed learning through trial and error, and I've had some success with my personal fitness goals. I've been somewhat of a gym rat since age 18. Long before my father died, he would give me advise about fitness, mainly because of his own involvement in this same enjoyable and rewarding sport. To him being fit was everything, mainly because he believed it supported a lot of other areas that people took for granted. Things like; self confidence, personal appearance, self esteem, and overall health and well being. These are all very, very important things to possess, but of course being fit is also one of those, things you choose to do or not do.

One day, we were just sitting around and talking, when I interrupted our conversation, because I was in a hurry to get outside and spend some time with my friends. You see my father took pride in giving my sister and I lessons or life tips as he called them, whenever the opportunty presented itself. Each and everyone of those "life tips", seemed to parallel with and or remind me, of all those Sundays spent in church hearing about biblical parables. I took a deep breath and asked him hastily "Do I really need to spend this much time in the gym." He paused, looked me in the eye, and at that point I knew right away, that it would be awhile before I was going outside. I was going to learn a new lesson, whether I wanted one or not, and he was going to take his time, with its delivery.

I can still hear his voice saying, "Every year brings about a new season, and as the seasons change, even the smallest of animals prepare, and so should you." What?, I thought, to myself. He went on to say, 'Take the squirrel for instance, early in the spring, summer and during the fall, the squirrel collects nuts and stores them up. Although some animals, with larger brains procrastinate or choose unwisely not to prepare or figure out why the squirrel is doing this". I couldn't help myself, I said what does nuts and squirrels and other brain dead animals have to do with me? He just smiled and said, "Everything my impatient son. Even the squirrel knows that the winter will come, and there won't be much food around to survive on". I still didn't get it, but since I knew he was not done and had more to impart to me, I shut up and decided to open my ears.

He told me that, because the squirrel made preparations for the winter he was able to take care of him self and survived when some other animals couldn't, during the tough times. He then made his point very clear and etched its meaning into my mind and soul by saying, "You're young now, but one day, your winter will come, today you are living in the spring, summer and fall of your life. If you do the things required to take good care of yourself now while you're able, perhaps like the squirrel, when the tough times come (your winter), your fit body will take care of you too.

Actually dad, today happens to be Fathers Day and everything you've instilled in me has been manifested into my present reality. For you see dad, I'm now also a father and amazingly, as I daily behold the man in my mirror and gaze upon the faces of my sons.... You're there.

Well Dad, its been 25 years since you've been gone, resting in that place so bright and fair; where there's no more sickness and death. Enjoy forever the peace and eternal love that was promised.

Thanks Dad, and by the way....I will never forget.

**This post is a repost of the original, "The Winter Will Come". There are minimal additions to the original content which reflects my endless love to my father's extraordinary life and memory.

Friday, June 11, 2010

No Reason To Quit

Seven years ago, in the fall of 2003, I turned the eager and energetic age of 50. Wow, I had hit the top of the hill according to a few of my closest friends. Soooo.... what are you going to do different they ask?  Of course I was still caught up in the fact that I was blessed to even see 50 years of life, especially with practically everything from all my physical and mental aspects in tact.

After several minutes of beinng in my own little world, the voices around began to get louder and more direct. I guess I spaced out a little.  I only remember saying yes I can and yes I will!  After high fiving everyone, I discovered that I had agreed to enter a local bodybuilding contest.


Anyway, through all the 24 weeks of training and grueling dieting regimine, I guess I shocked some of those doubting friends, when I delivered a FIRST PLACE trophy in the masters division.

Since that time, I started to seriouly train again, only this time just to duplicate and or simulate that bodybuilders look, without the stresses of actually doing the show.  My problem this time is that, I'm seven years older and believe it or not, I'm convinced that things really do change.  This old body constantly reminds me that I need to make new mental and physical adjustments.

Interestingly enough life is, has and can have a strange sense of humor. It also has the tendency to every once in awhile.. throw you a curve ball.

My curve ball came fast and hard. Initially, I took a mighty swing at it, but I really should have ducked. There it was flying toward me as if it was shot out of a cannon. The final result of the umpire's (surgeons) call was... A HERNIATED DISK.

No way, I said. Yes it is, he replied.

It's now been seven to eight months of every pain pill the doctors could prescribe. Then came the echoing advise of trying acupunture; chiropractic; deep tissue massages; decompression therapy; hot and cold compresses; crutches; limping and finally, "Why don't you just stay in bed"!

Last resort.. SURGERY.  YIPES!! AGAIN.

Through it all, thanks to my strong faith in sincere prayer.  Everything turned out just fine. 

The hills of life are still present and will be for as long as we are alive and breathe air. A positive mindset and the willingness to forge forward and never give up is vital to a positive outcome.  Here's what I thought of most and I truly hope that this statement will help you when you're standing at the plate of life's challenges and the next pitch you're thrown is a curve ball.

When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust him fully and let go, only 1 of  2 things will happen; either he'll catch you when you fall, or.. he'll teach you how to fly!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

REPOST-Summertime Fun, But Safety First

Its that time of the year again. The time when school doors close for a spell and parks and summer camps, are over run with kids looking forward to just being a kid. I remember those moments, except that it was just a little different for my sister and I. Our parents, were great providers and such, but they were also great at being very protective. We definitely knew to be in the house when the sun started going down, and although we wanted to stay out longer like our playmates, we knew that was a verbal battle we were never going to win.

One of those fun places, that we did not get the opportunity to visit during our summer breaks, was the neighborhood or community swimming pool. My parents unfortunately, did not enjoy water events or going to the beach. As a result, we missed out on all of that wet and wonderful splashing around, which still haunts me today.

Many families today, have the luxury of owning a swimming pool at their home. I believe this to be not only an incredible investment as a homeowner, but it also affords each member of that family, an opportunity to enjoy and become confident in the water, as well as increase their knowledge about water safety.

Although there are safety rules and regulations in place for those who have home swimming pools, statistics indicate that we still tragically lose countless numbers of our children to drownings each year.

Guess what?

Can you believe that I am actually putting a swimming pool in our yard? Yes sirree bob, I am especially now that we have a young daughter who loves the water and the fact she can swim quite well. We also now have our first grand child who of course, will definetly be taking swimming lessons long before the completion of our anticipated pool project.

Its going to be a great summer and I sincerely hope and pray that you too will seriously take the necessary steps to protect your precious family members regarding water safety especially since more than anything... they just want to have FUN.


*Originally posted in the summer of 2009

*Republished today with a few additions to title and content

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Hat like No Other...

Imagine waking up and the sun is shinnig so bright that you decide its just to hot to go outside, but then you suddenly change your mind and decide to take a stroll along the nearby country side. As the sun beams down streams of laser like heat upon your head, you start to feel as though you're on fire. You try to escape it by placing your hand on top of your head but its of no significant benefit. 

Aww.. over there, next to the mountain is a group of trees. Its now a foot race to find comfort from the scorch of the sun.  What were you thinking?  Obviously not much thinking went into this situation because, you fell asleep and was awaken by thunderstorms bearing overpowering human size droplets of liquid sunshine. Your poor head is soaking wet. HELP!!

I am sure this was a constant scenario that affected the lives of many prior to the invention of the first hat.

Hats by design are primarily a head covering. They come in many sizes, shapes and colors. Depending on the circumstance(s), some were worn for protection, some for religious purposes, while others were worn as a fashion accessory.

I'm not really sure who made the very first hat, but people like Locks of St. James Street; Sharp and Davis, then of course, John B. Stetson are the most noted of the famous hat-makers, that come to mind.

Here's a couple of familiar hat's among the thousands made and perhaps were wore by you, I and others.

The BEARSKIN - Tall, fur full dress uniform hat of the Brigade of Guards. Commonly seen at Buckingham Palace.

The BEANIE - A modified baseball cap with a... believe it or not propeller on the top.


As I said before, the list and various types of hats are long and they each have an incredible history.

Amazingly though, I must tell you that there is one "hat" that I did not list above, nor is it found among the thousands of hats listed in our most current dictionaries etc. It was made by a person(s) unknown us, who by trade or profession was probably not even known as a "hat maker".  It was created from an available all natural source.  The shape and color of the hat was not made by any special order request by it's eventual owner.  Although, it was made over 2000 years ago, its current location to date, is still unknown. The actual cost and value of this hat is listed as...PRICELESS.

It is the hat of all hats.  Better known as... The Crown of Thorns.    

It had only one single owner, who wore it at, and for only one absolutely single incredible reason..... "YOU and  I ".

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I believe that everyone would and should agree that 'Life is Good". Of course there are times when it seems as though, we are actually experiencing "Hell right here on earth" conditions.  As well as things could go for us from day to day, life really can throw an unexpected curveball.  Yes, life is good, but its also very short. Have you ever heard the expression,  "Here today and gone today". That's why its so imperitive that those among us who have difficulty sharing ourselves totally and honestly with our love ones on a daily basis, need to make a change.

How many times have you heard about people who've passed away and their family members never had any idea that thay were secretly suffering terminally.  The aftermath of this experience can be so devestating, especially in the case of a failed or missed opportunity to express love to each other.

Then there are those who love the people in there lives so hard, it borders on obsession, but sadly some of these may have partners who find it difficult to reciprocate.

Interestingly, I've heard it through the grapevine, that some individuals would give anything to have their special someone say that they loved them.  "Why couldn't they just tell me"?

Today, millions of people were blessed to see the morning's sunrise. They were blessed to have the shelter of comfort and security surround them; they were blessed to have food on the table and the means to provide for a better and brighter tomorrow.  Yet, for the millions I speak of, there were millions today who failed to tell those special someones within and outside of their households, the three most powerful words any tongue or mouth could utter...."I LOVE YOU".

Sadly, some or all of those millions will not return home this very day.

This is not a message of doom and gloom, nor should it be mistaken for one.  The message is simply a reminder...another opportunity, if we're lucky.

If we ignore the signs, the results could be a resounding chorus of, "I wish, I shoulda, coulda", but then again, "If you did love me...... NOBODY KNOWS"!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Had a dream last night, in which I found myself wondering around aimlessly from place to place.  At some point I realized that even though the places I ventured to were grand and just visually magnificent, I still felt unsettled and could not understand why my heart ached and why the thoughts of familiar voices, smells and sights were literally eating away at my exisitence... my core...my soul.

In the mist of all this confusion, I thought that if I could do a little self taking, I could make it all go away. To my surprise, the harder I tried to displace, forget or abandon this raging rollercoaster in my head, the deeper and more penetrating the wounds became.

As my mind raced on, I searched to try and understand the anguish the people of Haiti and other countries who have experienced recent devastation, must feel being lost and displaced from their homes.

In my dream, I too was losing this war of life, to emptiness and longingness. 

Webster describes a home as a place in which ones domestic affections are centered; a dwelling or retreat; a place of refuge; the destination or goal.

The very moment I surrendered to the consciousness of my heart, and ceased  from carrying the sword of blame; of anger and the sword of hate, was when I clearly saw a path towards a place where there was no signs of crying, sickness, pain, or death.

It was a place filled with familiarity, peace, love and happiness..... a place to call my own.

The dream and the search ended.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I remember it well.. just as if it was happening all over again.  Its the middle of the week and I'm about 14 or 15 years old. I'm sitting right next to my father, while visiting him during my spring break from school.  As we sat and talked, we somehow managed to start up a conversation about his father, (my grandfather) whom I've never known or ever seen pictures of.  It was like talking about some unknown person who you would see in a dream or some unknown character in a story book.  I was beginning to think that any discussion raised about of my ancestors was taboo, or perhaps it was just that we had never taken advantage of the opportunity to discuss them.

As our talks on the subject became more detailed over those memorable five days, I knew then that they were the most incredible and enjoyable lessons of our personal history I had ever encountered.  In short, I was hooked.  At the end of my stay and before returning back to my home in Miami, we both decided that on my next summer visit with him, I would write down on paper all the events and stories he would share.

Prior to my return the following year......, my father died.

Today, I have a family of my own, consisting of adult children from my first marriage and one teenager from my second time around.  Additonally, I also have one amazing grandson.

Recently, while talking with my teen daughter, about some behavioral changes in her math class, she and I also had some discussion about being grateful for all the things we as a family were blessed to have. I then told her about some of the disadvantages that I grew up with in an effort to make a comparison.

As I began to tell her about growing up in the "ghetto" and such, I suddenly noticed her facial expression and the look of total confusion on her face, as if she was saying, "Dad, what in the hell are you talking about?"

After all, she was born in the suburbs and had only heard about the ghetto via movies, tv, and my abstract way of painting the picture for her.  She literally was encapable of connecting the dots.

Suddenly, like the sound of a rushing and mighty wind; the clanking of large cymbals crashing together, the answer to this issue became apparently clear..... FIELD TRIP!!

We jumped into the car, and I gave her a personal tour of what and where it all began as I remembered it.  We traveled to the hospital where I was born; the diferent areas and houses I grew up and lived in; the schools I attended; as well as the areas and houses her sibblings grew up and shared together. The tour ended back to where life as she was most familiar with began... in the suburbs.

I have since, taken all of my children on this historical tour of my small life. To further enhance their mini- travels back into our families ancestrial past, I also invested in a genealogical program that has helped to fill in all the gaps. The program introduces them to family members, places and events, that would otherwise be presented and recieved by them, much like an unsubstantiated old folks tale.  But, with the help of an online version, I'm able to invite and educate my family members irregardless of where they may reside in the world. 

As I reflect back on the gift my father attemped to shared with me before his death, I truly understand how important it is for families everywhere to build incredible and lasting relationships, even if through the most difficult of times.  Here's what I know...

Don't wait until its to late.. to make a love connection of your own. 


Friday, February 19, 2010

Loving Equally

Does he or she really mean it when they say, "I Love You Too".  What are the signs? 

I'm not an expert on Love and relationships but, here's what I've observed and experienced...

While stating the obvious, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. 

This process is and can be so complicated, yet so very simple. Lets try refusing to focus so much of our driven energies on futile attempts to read each others mind.  I believe our time would be better spent and greater results can be achieved through all the incredible and actively shared time we spend together.  Doing so, redirects the focus to the heart and soul of the matter... The Overwhelming and Blessed Opportunity to "Just Love".

Giving and receiving Love Equally, is much more than what appears to be on the surface. It requires action, honesty, sacrifice, as well as joint and total commitment of all parties involved. 

People understandably, spend a lifetime in Love, but... is that which they've chosen to dedicated their Love to, capable of returning the favor?

Some folk Love with all their hearts, their jobs; houses; land; silver; gold and sometimes too much of themselves. The returns are not only consuming and clouded, but they can be shortlived when searching for long term Love related residuals.

With all the aforementioned lovables that we can attached our existence to, I tend to ask myself the following:

Can I truly rely solely on my job; my bank account etc., to Love me equally when I encounter sickness; dispair; lonliness or become motherless, friendless, homeless or penniless?

Hopefully, its a knowledgable fact, whether through personal experience or not, that reciprocated Love can not and will not survive by force, coerosion or deception. It must be rooted, and produce through mutual respect and most importantly.... EARNED.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


There are just those incredible times when things that were heading towards a path of success, somehow and without reason appear to eludes us.  What happen, what went wrong, who do I and what can I blame for this new stumble in my business; my relationship; my life?

The answer we seek is discoverable and easy to pinpoint.  Sometimes the answer is as close as the man/woman in the mirror.  But, can we honestly except this new clear discovery? 

I personally have found it a great resolve to be able to hold myself accountable for my own failures as well as my own successes, even if its somewhat of a bitter cup at times to swallow. 

I remember a few months ago, when a friend approached me with a business opportunity.  After listening intently to his bid, a few things he said stuck out.  One was his overwhelming enthusiasm about all the money he was going to make.  He basically shouted out that, it was a brand new concept in an industry that was going to change the way everyone was looking at going 'Green".  Then he carried on about how, I should get in right now, at the ground level and at the beginning and most importantly I needed to dump whatever I was presently involved in and get signed up. Well, true it did all sound incredible and exciting.  So, not meaning to burst his bubble and because he was my friend, I felt compelled to remind him of a few things I thought was cruicial to our conversation.

I looked him square in the eye and said Jack, all of this sounds and appears to be the "ONE", but remember successful businesses have taken time and work to be and maintain tenure in any industry.

The bottom line is.. YOU still have to build it!

I say this because no matter what the goal, dream or venture we connect ourselves to, we are the main spoke in the wheel that will move the many missions we take on daily. WE are the real reasons of make it or break it.  Of course, others situations encountered do factor in as contributors to the overall outcome, but its us; the we; the YOU, who decided to turn left vs right,; to say no verses yes; the one who chose to guess about it, rather than to actually know about it.

It's on me, its on you, so the question is.....


Thursday, February 4, 2010


There it is over there; now it's over here. Can you see, hear and or feel it?  Just as high as the sky; as far as the sun is from the earth; as deep as the sea; as dark as the night without a hint of day.  Its in this land and in distant lands; it started and starts before, during and after births; and is present even at the time of death.  Its essence will lasts today, tomorrow and forever more.

It has been said that LOVE.. is patient and kind; is not jealous; is not snobbish or put on airs; is not self seeking; is not prone to anger; it does not brood over injuries, but rejoices along with the truth; it covers over everything; believes everything; puts up with everything.... and it NEVER FAILS.

LOVE is as powerful as nature itself.

The GOOD BOOK says that GOD is LOVE.

Therefore...... LOVE is simply everything.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Most people think of fish when the phrase, "Brain Food" is mentioned in a conversation.  Actually that's what I've been told and based on some research studies (keyword studies) fish can be very good for your brain.

Food is defined as any nourishing substance that is taken into the body to sustain life, promote growth, etc. But before we go any further, I think I'd better clarify this topic and let you in on a secret.., this post is NOT about fish, steak, chicken, veggies etc.

Have you ever wondered why you have a certain belief on or about something, but don't really understand why you believe it?  Or why you may dislike certain people/cultures or certain places, etc?

Well don't feel like the lone ranger, because some of these things have probably happen to lots of people, including yours truly.

In some respects, its almost as if we've been Brainwashed, and like the food we eat, these thoughts have been introduced inside our bodies, with an honest attempt at promoting growth mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.

During my younger years growing up, I can remember my parents who loved and cared for me, and who wouldn't consciously mislead or misguide me, nourishingly fed me their own personal fearful thoughts about  going to or near the ocean.  Until now, I have never really given those tidbits of information much thought, or questioned why I don't particularly enjoy the ocean.

After inspecting some of these injected thoughts a little closer, it reminds me of how a virus attacks you. The main goal of any virus is to inhabit or get inside you, so it can do a couple of things, like incubate or get busy and do damage.

Have you ever heard about people who have told young girls that, "you can't do this or that, because.. you're a girl".   Perhaps their intent was harmless and more about some unfounded safety issue. The problem lies in the fact that any girl being told this by someone she respects, is apt to retain this type of "brainfood" as gospel, and may grow up actually believing that none of the things she aspires to do or become is possible.  All based of the premise that she happens to be a girl and girls can't.

Personally speaking, I found myself staying away from swimming pools and water events, because I had people in my life who didn't swim and were very uncomfortable around anything wet and or anything splashing creating waves higher than their belly button. 

Remember its like getting a virus, because the next major thing a virus does is become lonely and then they multiply, multiply and multiply. Interestingly enough, a mental suggestive virus, just like any real virus, also becomes bored with its initial host and decides ummm...I want more. It genuinely wants to infect as many others as it possibly can. So guess what happen next with the phobia's I have about water stuff?

Simply put... I've attempted to pass it on to my own kids.  But thank goodness I found  a CURE or at least in my case an incredible and inexpensive form of preventative medicine...., introducing my wife...., The ANTI-VIRUS!

She decided that my raw and uncooked phobia's needed to stay with me and not be passed on to our youngest daughter Taylor.  My effective antivirus protection plan had Taylor swimming like a fish at age 3. Ironically, being a girl she has never been told that because she was "a girl"; soccer, basketball, football, or sports in general was only for boys. The best part is that she's very atheletic and actually excels at sports.

It was less about words of fear and doubt and more about exposure and positive reinforcement.

So if you're infected and are NOT being all that you could be or you have been told that you will never amount to anything and your life will always be limited and unfulfilled.

STOP!! GO IMMEDIATELY on a diet serving LIFE as the main course.

Then take a good look at the Brain Food you've been fed or are allowing yourself to mentally consume and then go on that diet and ..... LIVE!


Sunday, January 17, 2010


Just within the last few days, we have all heard about, talked about, written about and seen through the media, that the country of HAITI, is no stranger to horrific forms of devastation and demoralizing tragic events.  Do the words, "When it rains, it pours", fit or express or shed light on the possibility that one of the worlds poorest nations maybe facing an unrecoverable existence... I pray with all my might that this will not remotely become a reality.

I'm personally somewhat at a lost for words to express the unmeasurable pain and state of hopelessness they must be feeling.

Sometimes, dispite even with the use of my limited education or the vast and useful capacities of Webster,Wikipedia, etc., there just simply are no words learned, known or uttered that can capture what the people of HAITI must be experiencing, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  So I have decided to just shut up and make a few needed adjustments in an effort to help.

One.. Never stop thanking God for all the many blessings I have received and those to come.

Two.. Pray harder for the people of HAITI, and also include those people living right here who's daily sufferings seem to still go unnoticed.

Three.. Get up and out and DO something in a positive (action) way to help the people of HAITI and others. After all, incomparison I really do have much more than they will or ever have. So yes, I have plenty to share.

Four.. Gather all my children and family members that I personally have influence over, and open their eyes and hearts to the plight of HAITIANS, here at home and abroad.
and last but not least... Pray for increase in my ability to.... Love Unconditionally.


Saturday, January 9, 2010


Ever wondered as you were growing up, whether you would get caught do the unthinkable?  I use to think that my mom had eyes in the back of her head.  After all, I just knew I had planned everything correctly and covered all the bases,  Right?... but if thats the case, then why was I in trouble; she's pissed and yelling at me, and why dId I get the feeling that I was about to meet my maker?..  BUSTED AGAIN!

Well, as time passed and I grew older and a little wiser. I've come to understand that nothing really occurs and then goes unseen. It does not matter whether its done indoors, outdoors or behind doors, sooner or later it will be seen, heard, or talked about and ultimately exposed to all.

The reality of it all, is everyone of us should make decisions based on the fact that our lives are like that of the "fish in a bowl".  Everything said or done is never a secret, but just simply transparent.

If you're still doubting or think I'm blowing smoke, let's together look at a few examples of people or circumstances that have occured. Especially, the ones that nobody was supposed to find out about.

I can recall a particular situation (prior to my retirement), involving some of my coworkers, who normally performed their duties with nothing less than professionalism. Yet, on one particular shift under the "cloak of darkness", a motorist was stopped and instead of a possible warning; citation issuance etc., it resulted in a beating, injuries, death, lies, falsification of official documents, civil unrest, resulting in a costly riot.

Perhaps there's this person you know who always never gets in trouble or causes trouble, then for reasons known only to them, they decide that its easier today, to just take a few items that in their mind, nobody will miss, know about or even care about.  Of course, they probably would have been successful, had it not been for the store's hidden video camera... Darn it, hate when that happens!!!

To some people, thinking about and or committing the limitless list of unthinkables, is very adventuresous or just a mere game of cat and mouse.  To others, it an all out attack on their enlarged ego that says, "I can do anything I want and you can't stop me or catch me if you can".  Either way, with every choice there's always consequences. Some are unforgiving as well as irreversible.

The forever exisiting and all seeing eye phenomina is a huge reality. It sees those who sit high and those who sit low. 

I'm surely not blameless; pointing my finger at or attempting to justifiably sit in a position of judgement or anything like that. God knows I surely have a few skeletons in my own closet, but.... "I'M JUST SAYING"        

Monday, January 4, 2010


Are you ready... Are you really ready?.....Then let's get excited!! Stand Up!, and make some noiseee!!, because in just a few short days the SUPER BOWL will be here. I don't know about you but, I have my team already selected and I'm on board for nothing less than a huge WIN!!.

As with any major event such as this, you've got to have a ticket in hand to get in. Of course, there will be cheaters or scalpers around trying to sell people a bogus ticket.  I say, buyer beware, because you'll get exactly what you pay for.  Plus there's no refund, and you'll only hear about what happen verses being there as a full and sporting participant.

Now before we get all revved up and lose our minds, let me take a moment to enlighten you as to what this particular SUPER BOWL means to all of us.  Even if you're not a fan...you most certainly should be one or at least stick around to get informed.

As with any great team, you need smart, talented, dedicated, faithful and loyal players. They'll come from all walks of life, many have been battle tested, criticized and scorned. Some have had to walk away and give up the right for the wrong to make this team. Ultimate, many will and have tried out, but only a few of those will be chosen.  Some of them are considered skilled position players, who in comparison are like elders, decons and ministers of a congregation; yet what makes them unique is that no matter where they play on the team, they all think and play the game as One. WOW!, this team sort of reminds me of a team made up of  true believers.

 Of course, my SUPER BOWL team unlike many others, has been under the same management for over 2000 years.  This great owner is all powerful and also has an incredible head coach on board.

Trust me, all head coaches are not alike or come from the same mold. There are some who are hot heads, who curse, scream and yell at you, in fact they'll go as far to call you everything, but a child of God. They work day and night, to get you ready for a game you can't win, even if  it means you have to cheat.  Their playbook authorizes and encourage you to use drugs, drink, gamble, lie, maim or kill. It's a win at all cost mentallity.

Those tactics are necessary in order to get you hooked on their sinful game plan. These guys are evil and demonic and are not concerned with maintaining the integrity of the game.  

Or, in my humble opinion, you can have a team thats lead the right way and is coached from a different playbook; one that produces TOUCHDOWNS, with every single play thats called.  A coach who has a winning record; one who's a friend, when you're friendless; even if your teammates quit and join some other team, he'll be right there.  The coach of my SUPER BOWL bound team is known by many names... I just simply call him JESUS.

So, after playing through the rough and tough regular season down here on earth, my team just like all the other teams in the league, may find themselves at the crossroads of this life's games. 

Hopefully when the crossroads game is played, we would have had a winning season, because no one gets selected to play in the PRO BOWL of believers and saints game, if their hearts aren't right. 

So as we ponder and travel on this narrow road to the biggest game on earth called, "THE SUPER BOWL".... Will your team be playing to win a... Trophy or a Crown.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Today, depending upon which time zone you live in, its New Years Day. If you're not overly excited about this worldwide event, perhaps you should have your blood pressure taken and retaken again.  Across the globe, there were countless numbers of parties and family gatherings taking place.  For this reason, "the new reason", people are more than just excited. They were more than just happy.  They were actually loving themselves and each other.  Its was a space in time, when telephone lines and social networks including the for ever busy internet ceased to function. Traffic and traveling sites were not spared either, as they too were at a standstill. 

Neighborhoods were packed with parked cars and homes filled with joyous celebration. Believer's filled churches, temples and synagogues; praising, praying, waiting and watching for the return of the Almighty.  Babies were being born and sadly, some were dying. Through it all, we were a happy people, destined to shed off the old and put on the new.

Our personal New Year, was by far, "MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER NEW YEAR'.  On this amazing an unforgettable day, we were blessed exceedingly beyond our own expectations, because not only did we have a family gathering in the traditional way at the emergence of 2010, we were witnesses to the marriage and union of our daughter Katrina and our new son and family member Aaron.

 It was a most beautiful and memorable ceremony that human eyes could behold. The wedding took place in the presence of God, right under the moon and the stars above. Although the sky was dark, there appeared to be a warm, loving and romantic glow, that halloed and set upon each of us in attendance. What a loving and darkened morning it was... just moments into the birth of a brand new, New Year and the union of two lives joined together for ever more.      


As with every New Year, millions and millions of people will be making resolutions that they intend to keep. For many this is a huge challenge to undertake.  Of course I'm included in this number as well.  But, this year I will approach things a little differently. I intend to handle one situation at a time, and thats solely based of its priority in the big scheme of things.  Either way I will, without fail be successful in tackling my small list of resolutions this year.

Now I'm not sure if you are following my approach or fully understand what just happened in the above statements.  What I've done here is state my resolutions by way of affirmations. I stated them in the most positive and assuring way possible, with the aide of two little words.... I WILL.

Enough said on the subject. Nothing left for me to do but.. IMPLEMENTATION!  Try it this year, for yourself and accept nothing less.

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