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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Holidays

Now that we've all celebrated and enjoyed Thanksgiving, its time to move forward to another highly celebrated holiday fit for a "King"... if you know of whom and what I mean.

With me it starts out being more about making the choices between Christmas tree A, B or C and to make things a bit interesting, there are always new vendors popping up annually all over the place, proclaiming to have the perfect one.  Some of my favorites have moved to other locations for larger space which tend to drive me nuts.  Heck, I need a GPS monitor just to keep track of all the migrations.  Either way, timing is everything and so I've got to get busy.

As I ventured out today, looking and sorting through tree after tree, I came across a few that were so magnificent they should only be found located on the front lawn of our nations Capitol in Washington DC.

As a child, I was always told that Christmas was somewhat magically, but as I grew older I moved away from those beliefs. Then suddenly something very strange happened, and as if out of no where, I thought I heard the sounds of simple and humble words screeching through and from behind all the thick forest of Christmas tress in front of me.

I literally heard pleadings saying... "Pick me, Pick Meeee!!" echoing over and over.

So, I decided to take a closer look and..... there it was.

Yes!!, that one I shout out, as I pointed to the most beautiful and perfect tree hidden amongst some of the  ugliest, leafless, creepiest, shortest, colorless trees on the property. 

Whew! my search was over.  As I drove home with the new addition to our living room, I began to think about the fate of all the other trees left behind. Would they also be chosen; would their owners find them just as beautiful and just as purposeful and most importantly, just as significant as the one I chose for our families Christmas holiday.

Of course they will, I said to myself.  It should never, ever be about the outside appearance, but always about the essence of character and substance of a person and any this particular case that of a thing.

Life for me is about living and about making good and positive choices vs. the type of negative choices that only allow us to just merely exist or settle.

Now its your turn... Go out there and remember to choose wisely.

From all of mine, to all of you and yours, have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.

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