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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Great Escape

Several days, weeks and months have come and gone since the New Year, along with some of the incredible times of just laying out, soaking up some rays and not having to worry about getting anything done. As with any new beginning, everyone and everything should have made a few new adaptations and changes. Sounds easy, but for many, its a struggle that's big enough to choke a pink elephant.

We all sometimes make resolutions and promises that are not always fulfilled or well planned out.

The list varies from losing weight to work issues to relationships and so on. Either way, the biggest error lies in our attempts to resolve all of the aforementioned and much more at the same time or believing it will magically all just disappear if we put off for another day.

So for simplicity we'll call it the results of "PROCRASTINATED CLUTTER".

Pretty much countless numbers of us have fallen prey to this trap, but over the years I've learn that although I multi-task relatively well, sometimes I too get bogged down and feel overwhelmed or defeated with the endless list of things to do.

The first key to finding a solution is recognition, coupled with the fact of accepting that there's only so many hours in a day. Then put some perspective to the mix and finally we have to... quite frankly, be willing to do something about it.

Maybe it means stopping and putting things down and finding a relaxing get away, provided you don't incur the extra added stress of spending money you don't have....Bummer!!

Try Conquering your daily CLUTTER's by either..

Acting on them

Referring them

Filing them

Or just Simply,

Trashing them.....

Try these, maybe they'll make your burdens just a little bit lighter... HALLELUJAH!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


It all started with the observation of your birth. As magnificent as all human births are, you were extraordinary from the first breath. There was the time at the tender age before two, when it became apparent to all, that it would become a daily challenge to go on multiple explorations of familiar and unfamiliar experiences with you, whether we wanted to or not. The trick was for us to finding new ways to direct and focus all that energy. I recall what I personally called, "The episode of a simple playpen". This contraption was manufactured specifically to keep little people, in an always safe and secure environment..... not to mention the fact, that I needed a breather. Amazingly it took little time for you to problem solve and act upon a solution to defeat your squared confinement. So we decided to literally turn your world upside down, by inverting this squared circle of well spent money. It was then, that I knew that you were capable of moving beyond perceived barriers and had the tools available to take full advantage of the gifts you were blessed with. Your response to our so called adult rationale, of presenting new puzzles for you, amazingly overwhelmed our attempts, by your ability to adapt.

Nothing has changed much in your approach to life problems involving the places, people and things you've encountered on your journey.

Today, you are a proud and outstanding soldier in the United States Navy. A respected leader who has traveled, seen and experienced things that most of us, have only read about in books and will spend a lifetime seeking, but sometimes fall short of finding.

For you are my eldest son , in whom I too am well pleased.

We, your family and friends are proud to have been given the opportunity to witness first hand how truly blessed we are to have you in our existence.

Thank you for being the role model and example to your own children and each of your siblings. Supplying them all with a positive road map, that defines the meaning of what hard work and faith in ones self will produce and the incredible results of dreaming big dreams; remaining humble and being forever thankful to the ONE and only...... Our Creator.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Remembering the years before today....., those times of wishing and waiting; The times of anxious anxiety of longing for just a glimpse of your image, your face, your smile, your warm embrace. The times of emptiness deeply felt, when just the mere thought of not being near you brought feelings of great sorrow. Sorrow so immense, its measured and comparable only to the vast and endless part of a space without light. Missing any moment with you, created an undesirable element of forsakeness, filled with loneliness.

Although a place dark and warm; dreaming of you, as I know you dreamed of me, offered a sense of refuge; a place never permitting despair; when true to your word, you waited for me, saving a place for me in your heart.

If the day comes when you miss me.. think inner deeply of me; trusting and knowing that I will always return to you.

If in the history of our love, we're invaded or become under attack... I promise to protect you with honor and my last breath, even..... with my life.

My prayer is that you will forever have the vision and wisdom to know that an avenue has been made available to and for you only... there in that place and time.. there and only there can you seek and shall truly find....

Forever and Always ......A place for you in my heart.

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