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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Let's Gather To Gather... Again

Just as the title implies, very soon just about every household on the planet will do exactly that; they will "Gather to Gather".  I'm not an authority on this bountiful and magnificent holiday, but I truly look forward to it every single year. So lets start with just a small, yet brief step back into the past. Hopefully, you can hold out for a spell, but if you're as impatient as I am, you are more than ready to dive deeply into the hundreds and hundreds of extra calorie laden pounds of "GOOD EATS".

Don't worry we'll be eating soon, but first...

Our story starts long long ago, when a group of people who we'll simply call pilgrims, landed on a rock of land they later called Plymouth. Of course as luck would have it, they soon discovered that they were not there alone. There were other two legged, upright walking, air breathing individuals on that rock as well. We'll called the newly discovered inhabitants... Indians.

Now you've got to know, there was a natural curiosity factor a mist and probably a lot of little conversations about... this is mine and that might be yours, but we want it...ummm.

Somehow over whatever period of time that followed, common sense prevailed and the two parties decided it was in the best interest of everyone to share and wouldn't you know it, suddenly someone yelled lets have a P-A-R-T-Y!! (must have been an ancestor of mine).

I'm sure there was lots of screaming and yelling and excitement expressed without limits. Unfortunately the chants and shouts of excitement was short lived, because I can just imagine..., that's when someone boldly asked, "what the heck is a P-A-R-T-Y ?"

So, I'm assuming they all compromised again and the leaders agreed that since there was food flying around in the air and food roaming around on the ground as well, it was best to just share a meal. Actually just having a meal had to boring, and since its my story we'll rename it and call it a Feast instead.

There you have it, now you know what I know about the first THANKSGIVING..... Except I can't remember how they actually settled on "TURKEY", but then who's complaining?

Every year, the tradition of THANKSGIVING, allows our family to come together in a way that's very special and unique. We always invite one new person or couple to share in our blessed festivities. As we prepare to dine, we all stand in a large family circle and hold each others hand. Then, we each take a turn to openly express that which we are personally thankful for. Of course, our new guest(s) are also allowed to share their thankful thoughts should they choose too.  Well, I guess theres no need for further delay...

You're always welcomed to have a seat at our table.....

               HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

* This is a re-post selected from the achieves, with minor photo and title changes.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Hello, usually I love to begin my day with starring out the window to greet the mornings magnificent sunrise. As I listen to the little birds singing cheerfully in the distant trees, I reflect back on the weeks blessed opportunities. Not only am I appreciative or speak of the ones I've reached out to and took hold of, but also those very special ones I missed because I did not recognize them or because I may not have positioned myself accordingly to recieve them.

Afterwhich, I then find a quiet corner and offer the inspired thoughts of my heart, mind and soul, in the numerous pages of this blog.

Today, I wish to say, "Thank You", to all of you that have visited this blog site and without reservation, went a step further to introduce it to the others within your influence.

Below is a list of what I and others like yourselves have considered the Best of "JUST LOVE". They can be accessed simply by clicking on any of the below selected "Top Ten" titles.

Join me to discover and rediscover them again...... THANKING EACH AND EVERYONE YOU!!

"JUST LOVE's" TOP TEN Selections:

Life's evening sun
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Brain Food
Tic Toc Tic
If the shoe fits
Love is in the air
The winter Will Come

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Signs, signs...everywhere!

 There once was a favorite song of mine that had this very same title.  I really didn't think much about understanding the songs lyrics back then, but I sure do now.

There have been signs since the beginning of time, telling and fore-telling events to come and those forgotten.  For example, when a you plant a seed into the ground and it sprouts a twig or plant, the signs are good that the plant will probably succeed in growing a tree. Or, when the clouds outside are dark and gray accompanied with lightening and thunder.. its a very good sign that the weather is about to get very ugly and the plans to take the family to the beach may have to be canceled. 

I remember some time ago, when I looked into the mirror my face was clear, smooth and soft to the touch.  But I failed to notice that my parents are grandparents who viewed themselves in that same mirror saw themselves the total opposite. As a youngster I didn't understand that this was a sign that I too would grow and look older.

The point is, there are positive and negative signs around us daily.

Here's another example. Its no secret that our society has become an unruly and violent one.  We can think, say and act on every single negative emotion we are big enough to feel. This behavior in most cases will lead some to believe that they are entitled, invincible and untouchable by any and everyone who courageously questions their intentions.  The order of the day is that its my business and no one else has the right to challenge it.  Take notice how our leaders, bicker and fight openly and boldly rationalize or pass it off as its just a healthy debate about the issues. Then, before the camera's stop rolling,  they throw out a disclaimer by saying, " I'm not responsible if some quack takes it upon themselves to do something stupid."

Sadly though, when people are left to interpret the meanings of those hateful, spiteful words that sometimes promote violence, the troubled and uninformed person is moved to act.

Sometimes that action, results in the lost of innocent lives.

Not long ago in Arizona, a U.S. Congresswoman and several other individuals were shot  by a 21 year old male, who for whatever reason only known to himself, also took the life of a nine year old child, who was also in attendance at that scheduled event.

Were there signs?  Of course, there were signs..., there's always signs.  Were the signs clear ones and could it be that they were just simply ignored by observers who resolved that, it was none of my business.

So, where does it end, can we or will we ever be able to fix this problem that affects us all?

I don't know, nor do I have all the answers, but its clear to me that perhaps the answer lies within the..SIGNS!

Monday, July 15, 2013

What Goes Around....

I've heard this phrase said on multiple occassions.  Sometimes its stated during positive situations and sometimes its stated direct and straight at you in a negative fashion. Either way, from my personal experience and in most cases, this statement has turned out to be quite truthful.

There are millions of example I can recall and talk about, although there are just as many times I'm inclined to just forget and hope they never ever resurface.

It's always been strange to me how people who proclaim to the masses about their undying love for another will take any and all steps necessary to demean, verbally abuse, physically assault or kill because they felt they were rejected or emotionally hurt in a relationship that was probably destined for failure from the beginning.  In some of the cases, the perpetrator(s) of all this devastation are the guilty parties.

I guess they have never put much faith in the statement, "YOU REAP, WHAT YOU SOW".

So, please hear my plea....

Let's stop the madness. Let's exercise what we all know to be factual... that all of us have faults and come up short in many areas of our human lives. None of us are perfect, yet we should strive diligently to work towards perfection. Understanding that it's not merely practice that makes one perfect, but perfect practice each and every consistent time, that makes perfect.

It starts with me first, then you and then the next. Until, that loving link reaches every single human being who breathes air, we're in trouble as a people.

When we learn to resist the desire to be judgemental, we simply learn how to Just Love unconditionally.

Let the next time you hear the words, "What goes around, comes around".... result in a positive outcome for you and the special people you truly love.

* This is a REPOST from my archives section, dated 8/14/10.
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