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Monday, July 15, 2013

What Goes Around....

I've heard this phrase said on multiple occassions.  Sometimes its stated during positive situations and sometimes its stated direct and straight at you in a negative fashion. Either way, from my personal experience and in most cases, this statement has turned out to be quite truthful.

There are millions of example I can recall and talk about, although there are just as many times I'm inclined to just forget and hope they never ever resurface.

It's always been strange to me how people who proclaim to the masses about their undying love for another will take any and all steps necessary to demean, verbally abuse, physically assault or kill because they felt they were rejected or emotionally hurt in a relationship that was probably destined for failure from the beginning.  In some of the cases, the perpetrator(s) of all this devastation are the guilty parties.

I guess they have never put much faith in the statement, "YOU REAP, WHAT YOU SOW".

So, please hear my plea....

Let's stop the madness. Let's exercise what we all know to be factual... that all of us have faults and come up short in many areas of our human lives. None of us are perfect, yet we should strive diligently to work towards perfection. Understanding that it's not merely practice that makes one perfect, but perfect practice each and every consistent time, that makes perfect.

It starts with me first, then you and then the next. Until, that loving link reaches every single human being who breathes air, we're in trouble as a people.

When we learn to resist the desire to be judgemental, we simply learn how to Just Love unconditionally.

Let the next time you hear the words, "What goes around, comes around".... result in a positive outcome for you and the special people you truly love.

* This is a REPOST from my archives section, dated 8/14/10.
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