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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Give Us This Day

Long ago, during a particular period in time man was created.  He was granted all of the wonderful things this earth had to offer.  He had food in abundance, shelter when he needed it, water when he became thirsty and as if that wasn't enough, he was given a mate so he would not be alone.  He was also given certain restrictions so he could be held accoutable and learn to make good decisions which would always result in positive outcomes. 

But, something went wrong and we as a race of humans have never been able to get back on track... or so it seems that way to me.

Today, we wrestle relentlessly with simple things. Simple things like the pleasantries used in saying hello or goodmorning. Heck we can't even find a way to just look another person in the eye and crack a fake smile.

Look, I'm not perfect and I too have violated some of the aforementioned from time to time, but we must bring an end to these atrocities or there will be a payment demanded at our end, and if that should happen, hopefully it won't be like writing a check we can't cash.

Still puzzled?  Here are some additional pieces to the puzzle.

Well, just a couple of days ago, a professional baseball team in my neck of the woods got into a total bench clearing brawl, over pretty much nothing.  These "professionals" who we adore and pay handsomely, literally erased every single parent's speech to their kids about getting along, fair play and having respect for each other.  Some may say who cares... but I say, remember there were thousands of kids in attendance at that game; television and via the all powerful internet, watching and absorbing it all. This discounted behavior will become more than a fairy tale, it will be recreated and played out line by line, by one of our sweet and innocent little ones on the soccer, baseball, fields at parks and playgrounds worldwide.  Seeing is Believing!

I also remember when people would stop their busy day and come together for justice and everything that represented what was right.  They could actually sit down at the table and hold a discussion about unpopular issues and then somehow miraculously agree to disagree and even shake hands before departing.

Wow, talk about setting and being an example of maturity and wisdom. 

So... what went wrong with those of whom, we the people elected?  Those who swore to represent you and I in our cities, towns, states and congress?  Now, they publicly argue almost to the point of violence and lie, cheat and scheme their way back into re-election.  Or, did they just, NOT get that particular memo?

Just a few years ago, on the eve of one of America's greatest tragedies (9-11), we're faced with dealing worldwide with one single, little known man in Florida, who has decided to burn the Quran in front of the world to make his point.  This situation has and still effects everyone from the "Whitehouse, to your house".  This could possibly have brought an end to all the hard work and dedication we all have invested to make this world a better place live. 

Maybe these things tend to reopen the spiritual portals of our concerns about why, what and how man's existence will impact on this world's demise.  Perhaps this is just another one of those daily reminders or wakeup calls, as we like to call them.

Listen..., lets not ponder on just the what, how, when or if...  it will happen.  Let's focus perhaps on change.

Although, some are saying it will happen this year or later. 

Maybe so..... 

But please remember and consider this... This world came to an end, for everyone who died today.

Be and make the very best of each and everyday you have and live each and everyday you have, as though it will your last......

* This special nugget is a REPOST from my archives dated September 2010



  1. Amen! Seems incredible that here we are in the 21st century and we humans still haven't learned to live in peace. Maybe we have to begin by finding peace inside ourselves.

  2. Hello my friend, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I totally agree with you. Change must start within first. It's like the phrase, "In order to have friends, you must FIRST show yourself friendly.

  3. I agree that we must start by finding peace within ourselves. I freely admit that I am not always intolerant and peaceful when I'm in my state of everyday awareness, which is really a state of awareness. It's not until after  I enter that space within me wherein true consciousness resides that I can find the peace I seek. After I leave meditation I endeavor to remain mindful and then try to carry that back into my every day life.

    I meet many people online who are doing the same thing I am doing and this encourages me. They are finding peace within. When they detect combativeness and intolerance in their thoughts and words they are going within, finding their peace and redirecting their thoughts  as they function throughout the day. 

    As more and more of us learn how to quell our intolerant thoughts and words by going deep inside and finding peace, I do believe we will be able to collectively make a change in this world by reducing the frequency of intolerant and combative actions.

    ♫All we are saying is give peace a chance.♫

  4. Hello Timethief, Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit and leave such wonderful and enlightening comments. I'm gratful to have a friend like you who is so passionate about things that effect all of us as we together build upon the positives towards better relationships.

  5. Very good massage I can agree somewhat with you. You have inspired me to write my next blog and invite you to come and read it at takingitpersonally.com
    Thank you for your messages of Love and keep up the good work.
    Also I am adding you to my blogroll list
    Thank You again

  6. Hello Brian, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog post. Your message is clear and profound. I have visited your blog and really enjoyed it's incredible content. Please visit again and share my site with your friends.

  7. Yes, if we all left our cars and walked in our community more often it would become easier to be friendlier to our neighbours.

  8. Hi Clarence

    This is such a positive post from a negative message. I am 50 years old and am old enough to have seen such changes in my life time. certainly in the UK people have become more insular, more disenfranchised from the communities they live in and increasingly disengaged from the bigger picture.
    Only yesterday i was with a lady I am trying to help, I asked her about gratitude. She told me she had nothing to be grateful for as her car was broken down, and she didn't have a lovely husband like me. I said but compared to all those poor people in Pakistan who have lost their homes - she jumped down my throat and told me she isn't bothered about that lot, she has enough problems in her own life.
    I can only police me, and just pray that I behave well and just maybe someone may be attracted by any example I am able to set.
    Smiles and blessings.

  9. Hello Onlineme, your comments are valid and quite interesting to me, because I can remember prior to my retirement, I would always stress to my departments recruits that it was essential that they parked the cruiser and "GET OUT" of the vehicle and do some foot patrol and get to know the people in the community in which they were assigned. Or at least roll down the window and verbally greet people. After all, citizens are humans too and should never be treated as objects.

  10. Hello Juliana, its so wonderful to have you visit me again. Your time here is and will always be truly valued and your comments appreciated. Thanks for being my friend. Regarding the lady you speak of, I assure you that type of behavior is not exclusive to the UK, its here to. My neighbors rarely come outside and when they do they really view you as a stranger. Heck, this behavior is also exhibited within many families, yet they profess to be close. I still believe that change starts within each of us and only then can we reach out to others whom we have positive influence over.

  11. Hello Antonio, thanks for visiting and most of all thank you for the blessing. Please revisit and tell your friends to visit too. May God also continue to bless you and yours.

  12. nice post with a very good message to keep. . .Thanks for sharing this.

  13. Thank you very much for visiting and commenting on this post. Hope to see you again soon.

  14. Oh my...another breath takingly well written post! I suppose that's why you're one of my favorite bloggers which is why I'm passing along an award I received.

    You can pick it up at http://whenasouthernwomanrambles.blogspot.com/p/pass-it-on.html

    Here's wishing you a terrific day!

  15. Hello and welcome back L.Avery Brown, your visits continue to honor and inspire me to post. Thank you for your comments, encouragemnet and the "pass it on" award.


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