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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Hat like No Other...

Imagine waking up and the sun is shinnig so bright that you decide its just to hot to go outside, but then you suddenly change your mind and decide to take a stroll along the nearby country side. As the sun beams down streams of laser like heat upon your head, you start to feel as though you're on fire. You try to escape it by placing your hand on top of your head but its of no significant benefit. 

Aww.. over there, next to the mountain is a group of trees. Its now a foot race to find comfort from the scorch of the sun.  What were you thinking?  Obviously not much thinking went into this situation because, you fell asleep and was awaken by thunderstorms bearing overpowering human size droplets of liquid sunshine. Your poor head is soaking wet. HELP!!

I am sure this was a constant scenario that affected the lives of many prior to the invention of the first hat.

Hats by design are primarily a head covering. They come in many sizes, shapes and colors. Depending on the circumstance(s), some were worn for protection, some for religious purposes, while others were worn as a fashion accessory.

I'm not really sure who made the very first hat, but people like Locks of St. James Street; Sharp and Davis, then of course, John B. Stetson are the most noted of the famous hat-makers, that come to mind.

Here's a couple of familiar hat's among the thousands made and perhaps were wore by you, I and others.

The BEARSKIN - Tall, fur full dress uniform hat of the Brigade of Guards. Commonly seen at Buckingham Palace.

The BEANIE - A modified baseball cap with a... believe it or not propeller on the top.


As I said before, the list and various types of hats are long and they each have an incredible history.

Amazingly though, I must tell you that there is one "hat" that I did not list above, nor is it found among the thousands of hats listed in our most current dictionaries etc. It was made by a person(s) unknown us, who by trade or profession was probably not even known as a "hat maker".  It was created from an available all natural source.  The shape and color of the hat was not made by any special order request by it's eventual owner.  Although, it was made over 2000 years ago, its current location to date, is still unknown. The actual cost and value of this hat is listed as...PRICELESS.

It is the hat of all hats.  Better known as... The Crown of Thorns.    

It had only one single owner, who wore it at, and for only one absolutely single incredible reason..... "YOU and  I ".

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I believe that everyone would and should agree that 'Life is Good". Of course there are times when it seems as though, we are actually experiencing "Hell right here on earth" conditions.  As well as things could go for us from day to day, life really can throw an unexpected curveball.  Yes, life is good, but its also very short. Have you ever heard the expression,  "Here today and gone today". That's why its so imperitive that those among us who have difficulty sharing ourselves totally and honestly with our love ones on a daily basis, need to make a change.

How many times have you heard about people who've passed away and their family members never had any idea that thay were secretly suffering terminally.  The aftermath of this experience can be so devestating, especially in the case of a failed or missed opportunity to express love to each other.

Then there are those who love the people in there lives so hard, it borders on obsession, but sadly some of these may have partners who find it difficult to reciprocate.

Interestingly, I've heard it through the grapevine, that some individuals would give anything to have their special someone say that they loved them.  "Why couldn't they just tell me"?

Today, millions of people were blessed to see the morning's sunrise. They were blessed to have the shelter of comfort and security surround them; they were blessed to have food on the table and the means to provide for a better and brighter tomorrow.  Yet, for the millions I speak of, there were millions today who failed to tell those special someones within and outside of their households, the three most powerful words any tongue or mouth could utter...."I LOVE YOU".

Sadly, some or all of those millions will not return home this very day.

This is not a message of doom and gloom, nor should it be mistaken for one.  The message is simply a reminder...another opportunity, if we're lucky.

If we ignore the signs, the results could be a resounding chorus of, "I wish, I shoulda, coulda", but then again, "If you did love me...... NOBODY KNOWS"!
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