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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Let The Winds Blow

Its raining today, which is not the normal, sunny and fair weathered South Florida area, some of us are familiar with . I'm not attempting to be a jinx or my no means, project or predict what this years Hurricane season may or may not bring, so you can trust that I'll just continue to leave all the predictions up to the experts.

Personally, I sincerely pray that every storm season comes and goes away with haste and without incident.

There are things that we can do and should do, before a serious threat reaches our shores. The main thing is to not get complacent and or procrastinate. There is no better time than right now to prepare. The stores are probably well stocked with the supplies and provisions you will require in the event of a serious storm. Even though our national economic situation is somewhat bleak, store prices are still low enough right now and suppliers will be more than anxious to sell you what you need. The downside is if you wait to close to the impending storms arrival, demands will be high, and prices will soar accordingly to that demand. So as they say in some circles, "the early bird gets the worm".

Start surveying your surrounds for things that require repair like the roof or electrical items; examine your shutters for wear and tear or missing hardware; stock foods that are non- perishables, and maybe this time, buy some foods that you really enjoy eating and be sure to make a contact list of immediate family members, including those out of town.  Develop and orchestrate a plan to reunited at a designated place, in the event you're displaced.  Research and have available emergency contact numbers like...Rrumor control lines; Evacuation aid and especially the American Red Cross.

Click on these important websites, to learn more: Miami Dade County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Broward County Emergency Management Agency, Fema and NOAA

The lists of helpful information are endless, but the time to act on this is right now. The local news stations, newspapers as well as your employers, family and friends, will be discussing these very same issues soon.

Lastly, I'd like to also remind you that there are all types of Hurricanes that blow through our lives. Our society has a name for each of the seasonal stormy weather types, like David, Cleo, Andrew and Katrina, etc. Unfortunately, there are some Hurricanes that have entered our lives with names such as; divorce, bankruptcy, abuse, addiction, hopelessness, cancer, depression, death and a multitude of others.  Just as we prepare for and respond to the natural disasters that come our way, its equally our responsibility to not ignore the many signs of those disasters that ultimately break the human spirit, mentally, spiritually, physically, financially and emotionally. 

Let us start today, by taking good care of ourselves as well as each other. There is always a solution and an opportunity to make things right. It maybe as simple as saying, 'I'm sorry or I need help".  It may take letting go of our ego and taking on the role of a servant who faithfully offers service to others.  The type of servant who is willing to be humble enough to start giving much more than he or she expects to receive in return.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


July 4th is an established American Holiday, that is hopefully celebrated by every United States citizen. This special day is totally about our Nations Independence. I, like others am proud to live in a time and place where FREEDOM is highly sought after and most importantly......, protected.

Of course, there will always be other entities or sources who do not share our viewpoint on FREEDOM. They are the true demons of this life, who would if they could, take away, erase, eradicate, terminate and banish each and every one of the glorious benefits of FREEDOM we share.

Everyday, plots and schemes are not only thought about and discussed by them, but plans are put in play to implement their dreadful missions. Any and all forms of dividing us are created, whether from outside this nation or from within it.  It still puzzles me why even today, there are some of us who despite the various and obvious threats that bombarded us daily, attempt to rationalize, ignore, justify or classify these hideous dilemmas as fantasies or untruths.  Do we really need another 9-11 event to convince us that the threats are real?

I, for one think NOT!!

Imagine what it would be like to not partake of any of the incredible lifestyles we enjoy and value so much? After all, what would the 4th of July feel like without fireworks, parades or barbecues ?

That would be and sound like fighting words to me... "Annie git yore gun."

We should all be inspired to send up countless number of praises that we were not born in some of the other parts of the world, where the only freedom available everyday, is to do only what you're told to do, without question, and if that was not enough, you're told that NOTHING you have is ever rightfully yours to own. The mere thought of such atrocities forced on anyone are frightening and incomprehensible.

Webster describes INDEPENDENCE as...., Freedom from control or influence of another or others

The choices of freedom we have today for enjoying all of our tomorrows are truly a blessing.

Join me in thanking God, for the many brave men and women who fight faithfully everyday for our FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE, even while we peacefully sleep and sometimes regrettably take everything they do for us for granted.  Again I say....., thank you.

Have a SAFE and Happy 4th of July!!

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