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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Its morning again, I hear the sound of birds singing and I began to wonder... 

Suddenly, my face is greeted with wetness and I witness the wagging of his tail moving crazily back and forth, but I'm not alarmed or quicken to anger, and I began to wonder... 

As I look over and past a most familiar face, still ever so quietly slumbering in restful and peaceful sleep, my eyes meet the awesomeness of nature and the warm morning sun.. and I smile, and yet I continue to wonder....

Is all of this... JUST FOR ME?

To many are those, whose days and nights are filled with horror and the sounds of cruelity and of death. To many are those, who tremble and huddled together because the endless fear(s) of the unknown was and have become so deeply overwhelming. To many of those, will have no sound of joy in the trees, no faithful friend to greet their awakening eyes, no familiar loving presence of a life long mate or the laughing, happy tunes of little tiny feet, with outstretched arms running to meet them .  Yet, through it all, I somehow will be spared and wonder, will it all be... JUST FOR ME?

Why, oh why, did the thief who comes in the night pass me by? Why, did those few, who are both near and abroad, choose to protect the many and include little ole me?   How could anyone know, that I prayed for these things?  How could anyone know, that through all the negative possibilities that could engulf me, that my tiny little exisitence really mattered. 

Although the road I travel, sometimes gets rough, and some of the people around me choose to openly hate, I still somehow can reflect on the countless number of good times.  Good times when I encountered strangers who smiled as they looked me in the face... and said, "Hello".  I'm motivated to faithfully, rise every morning and awaken to the glorious sounds of life all around me and then stop, smile and breathe freely as I realize that I'm alive, worthy and well, especially with having the opportunity of sleeping in my own warm and comfortable bed. 

Hastily, as I spring up and move throughout this place that I call my own...my home, I am overjoyed and as my peace suddenly escapes me, I shout out towards the heavens..., Halleluiah!!, because the majesty of the stars and strips, affixed to my house is still intact and I'm still, oh so....... FREEEEEE! 

Yet, somehow I find myself wondering, did he really hear me, does he really know me, and if so.. why, oh why, JUST FOR ME?

Wait a minute... I remember now, I was told long ago that my thoughts are not his thoughts. That he sits high and looks low. I never have to worry, nor wait in line. There's no need for an appointment or even a co-payment, that he may not come when I want him, but he would always be there, right on time. 

The answer is clear and yes its a choice.   The truth of the matter can be summed up in just one word..."LOVE " and its truly all done.... JUST FOR ME.                

Friday, July 16, 2010


It was not to very long ago, I wrote a post about the athletic attributes of my youngest daughter Taylor.  Well that was just about a year ago, (July 25, 2009).  Of course, you may wonder why or think that I'm bragging about my kid again and If that's what you're thinking, I must admit that you're absolutely right.

Sports has always been and probably will always be significant in our families lives.  My wife and I both participated in sports and found it very rewarding. There are just so many amazing advantages to kids and their parents when sports are included in their daily activities.  For one thing there are both mental and physical benefits as it relates to overall health.  Our daughter has a difficult time with seasonal allergies. Thanks to sports she has responded quite well when she's dealing with the wheezing and sneezing etc., because it forces her to breathe deeply and the air she's intaking is fresh and outdoors vs. being stuck indoors sucking on a humidifier.

Sports have also become a very positive distraction for her and it seems to actually enhance her competitive nature during these most difficult times.

Speaking of distractions, youth sports have in my experience, proven to help kids focus and most importantly it has kept a boatload of kids off the streets and out of trouble.  Being a retired law enforcement professional, I have personally witnessed troubled kids turn their lives around and become viable and outstanding law abidding citizens due to their involvement in sports.  Of course, there are a few who fall off the wagon and become involved with the wrong crowd or group, leading them to crime, but those aren't the ones I'm talking about. There are tons of documented success stories, than those of the failures.

Sports has a way of turning intraverted kids into excited outgoing communicating team builders and leaders.... YEAH!!

This phenomena is especially helpful when its time for them to grow up and get out into the job market(s). The beautiful results are that these kids are usually no longer insecure, but confident individuals who are driven.  They tend to look you in the eye and state exactly what it is they want and why. Sports has assisted with the development of  recognizing and enjoying the sweetness of victory, as well as shielding them against the depressive state of dealing with the agony of defeat. So if they don't win today so be it. Thankfully, it becomes somewhat of a motivator, because they've learned that you can't win by merely be comfortable to sitting on the sideline. You've got to get in the game!  The kids I'm talking about know how to do just that.

We are just so very proud of Taylor.  Although she loves practically any sport, she's really dialed into soccer and basketball.  This year she was selected to participate in a State wide soccer event called, ODP, which is an acroynm for Olympic Development Program. This was and is an incredible achievement, because you have to tryout/compete, in order to be selected.  This program, trains and prepares kids for State, Nationals, College and olympic level competitions in soccer.  She really enjoyed it and I sure she'll tryout again next year too. This year's season ending basketball playoffs, she was just short of a triple double.

"You Go GIRL!!"

So, if your brother, sister, son, daughter, niece or nehew etc. is willing to except the challenge to having absolutely incredible fun and the possibility of achieving greatness.... Please don't just point them to it, but get up and literally get involved and take them to the nearest youth sports entity and... GET IN THE GAME!        

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Will I Ever Learn

Ruff, Rufff!!! ahh, I mean hello.  My name is Jack, and although you're accustomed to hearing from my family member, I thought and heard about this thing you humans call change. Soooo, for this particular post...here comes change and you're going to love it, because if you haven't heard, my bite per square inch of power is AWESOME! Just kidding.

The photo above is one of me when I was just a wee lil pup. You see 3 and a half years ago, I was sitting all alone starring out and doing a little people watching, when this couple stopped by and gave me the warmest smile of my puppy life.  I became so overwhelmed by their exhibited non verbal skills, that my tail wagged so hard I was literally being thrown all over the place. Suddenly, I began to feel rather silly and desperately tried to control my emotions, but it was to late. That's when it happen, time seemed to slow down and the attendant's speech began to drag and slur. As she slowly approached my gate lock, and attemped to open it, her fingers seem to lose it's way. I tried to help but to no avail.  Finally, the lock gave way and I was in the arms of the lady with the pretty eyes and great smile.  We couldn't help but be a match, because after all, I picked her.

She introduced me to her partner.  He's the guy you're more familiar with and who by the way, is still trying to figure out how I managed to get into his head and write this post. But desperate times require, desperate measures.  Besides its his fault for allowing me to watch tv. I particularly like Jerry Springer and that guy who yells, "You are NOT the father", ... Ha, ha.... . Of course, my favorite is show is watching "Brian", from Family Guy.

Ok, back to my plight.

I need your help in order to find out does anyone else out there, who try with all their might to just be friendly..., get hammered when you kiss a frog?  Ummm, and if you don't, then why, Oh why sweet Jesus, is it always me?

Here's what I know.

The practice of  "toad-licking" has evolved into an urban legend, in that the venom secreted through the skin of some toads cause hallucinations. Which is why I think, I'm a contributing author of this blog post.

See what I mean?

Anyway, the venom is highly toxic to pets. Take for instance, my other friends and family members (dogs), are most likely to come in contact with a toad, and have a high probability of dying if untreated.

I quess, I should leave that curiousity thing to cats.

The Colorado River toad and the other giant toad, known as the Marine toad are the two most common venomous toads found in the U.S.  Of course this guy wouldn't win any beauty awards like yours truly, because he's all covered with warts. UGGGH!

I also found out that I don't necessarily have to lick or God forbid eat a toad, to be poisoned.  There have been cases where frogs have been attracted to a dogs water dish and just because it was unattended, they sat along the rim, leaving enough toxin to make you sick.  It's actual difficult to find the presence of  the toxin.  You technically have to see it happen, but if you're suspcious...

Here's what to look for:

If your four legged family member has ingested enough toxin, they may have an irregular heartbeat and may start acting strangely, as if they are locked in the grip of a hallucination. Call your veterinarian if you observe:

*Mouth irritation with foamy salivation
*Difficulity breathing

Well, I patiently await your reply to let me know if it's just me, because just the other day, I was in the back yard minding my own business, when suddenly there he was, gazing at me with those huge bulging eyes. I tried to just walk away, but I was trapped in their stare. That's when it happen, I heard that ribbb--it call and I... ok, I licked it. YUKK!!,  not again... "Will I Ever Learn"?

*Data collected from http://www.petplace.com/    
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