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Monday, March 28, 2011

This Magic Moment

As the song's lyrics suggest...., "Magic Moments" experienced each and every single day, are all at times vastly different and new; they're really unlike any other, and once they are gone you'll never see or live another one exactly like it again.

Looking back, over my life I can remember taking a lot for granted. Things like thinking I would stay young, smart and or even living forever.  Obviously forgetting that life disguised as time, would eventually change myself and everyone else too.  Not only in the way we physically felt and looked, but most importantly the way we think.

These days, I get up feeling and acknowledging how truly blessed we all are. Thank god, I'm personally not awaken to the sounds and smells of war and the countless numbers of deaths that are part of its results.  In some places around the world its all some people know, breathe and live constantly.  Lately though, some have begun to stand up and fight back against the insanity of their dictators, who for whatever reason believe that an oppressed nation is a happy nation. Surely, I sympathize with them for having to exist under these conditions, but unfortunately, if I were asked to  change places with them for a moment or a day, my answer would be simple and clear.

In a word...NO!

Although, I sincerely do wish that they could experience the peace and tranquility, I sometimes take for granted in this country, at least for just a moment in their time.  In comparison to their everyday world, I guess my life here on this side of the fence... really is paradise. 

So, here's some thoughts on what I'm doing to sow and reap Magic Moments...

I've got to continue to enjoy this life that I have by first recognizing that I must first begin to live it, love it and share it.  Understanding that everything that exists, happens for a reason; That every thing is not all about me and that somethings do take time, and in fact there is more to life than just sitting around and contemplating on how to speed it up, while forgetting that without a plan to where I'm going, I'm destined to end up some place else.

I must strive to be steadfast in gaining a better appreciation for the people, places and things that impact my love for life.  I have discovered, that it may be as simple as looking up and instantly being overwhelmed by a beautiful sunrise or sunset or hearing and listening to the birds that sing, or caressing the flow of air that I'm able to breathe even though I can't literally see it, yet knowing that its there in abundance every time I arise to see a new day.

Remembering the experience and answers I searched for, on one occasion as I looked down on the remains of a loved and respected family member, who had lived her life on earth for 94 blessed  years.  As the feelings of hopelessness and pain raced through my core, I suddenly realized that through all the sadness and heartbreak displayed in that building, my subconscious senses were now being repeatedly bombarded with the awesome and awakening sounds from none other than a newborn in attendance three rows behind me. Their tiny and incredible utterances of love, joy and happiness, miraculously drowned out my selfish tears of sorrow and woe.

The rewarding results of that small "Magic Moment", was huge and gave me reassurance that life will continue to go on with or without me, but while I'm still here, its a responsibility of mine to give back into that which I partake of.

Mark Twain said once that, "Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see".  In like manner, I've heard it said that, negative thoughts create negative beliefs which govern our attitudes and actions to create negative beliefs.  So if this is a true statement, can you imagine what impact positive thoughts will and would have on ourselves and those we have influence on?

Just Live, Love and Share life. Strive without regret to give these intricate and important factors your very very best each day.   



  1. What a worthy and beautiful article. We should engrave these sentiments upon our hearts and count every blessing.

  2. Clarence,wonderful to see you blogging again and saying such beautiful and profound things. Your attitude toward life, the world and other people is exemplary and one I wish the whole world could follow.

  3. Thank you so very much for your wonderful comments to this post. Its great to know that you and others appreciate and count each of life's blessing a constant must in our lives.

  4. Thank you NP, for your encouragement and as always your input on my blog site is greatly appreciated as it continues to help me and all of my readers who visit.

  5. Hi there! I'm so thankful I stumbled on this post! It's really interesting. We should love like it's our last day. :) Take care and I hope to read more from you in the coming days. :)

  6. Hello Getagirl, thank you for stopping by and offering your inspiring and candid comments. I truly hope that you will revisit and enjoy some ofnmy other post. Please don't forget to check my archives section too.

  7. I bookmarked your blog already so I will definitely visit here more often. Thanks Clarence!

  8. wow! i realy like it. Tq for make me better! tq!

  9. It's indeed another inspiring post from you my friend. God bless you and your family always!

  10. You are quite right that we have minimal challenges compared to so many people living in other parts of the world.

    Magic Moments happen every day. All we have to do is be present, with a heart for appreciation, to notice and experience them.

    Thanks for sharing a great post!

  11. Thank you for the wonderful post. In the art of living we have to be creative and invent our happy moments

  12. what a lovely and inspirational blog!

    I only came across the blog by accident, but found when reading on that it really touched me!

  13. Thanks to each of you for your comments and reviews of this post. I truly honor and respect each of you, and I'm grateful for the blessings I receive when I personally visit your individual blogs. Thanks again and HUGE applauses to each of you.


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