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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Had a dream last night, in which I found myself wondering around aimlessly from place to place.  At some point I realized that even though the places I ventured to were grand and just visually magnificent, I still felt unsettled and could not understand why my heart ached and why the thoughts of familiar voices, smells and sights were literally eating away at my exisitence... my core...my soul.

In the mist of all this confusion, I thought that if I could do a little self taking, I could make it all go away. To my surprise, the harder I tried to displace, forget or abandon this raging rollercoaster in my head, the deeper and more penetrating the wounds became.

As my mind raced on, I searched to try and understand the anguish the people of Haiti and other countries who have experienced recent devastation, must feel being lost and displaced from their homes.

In my dream, I too was losing this war of life, to emptiness and longingness. 

Webster describes a home as a place in which ones domestic affections are centered; a dwelling or retreat; a place of refuge; the destination or goal.

The very moment I surrendered to the consciousness of my heart, and ceased  from carrying the sword of blame; of anger and the sword of hate, was when I clearly saw a path towards a place where there was no signs of crying, sickness, pain, or death.

It was a place filled with familiarity, peace, love and happiness..... a place to call my own.

The dream and the search ended.



  1. Thanks for helping us appreciate what a home we have, in the midst of dreaming for a bigger and more luxurious house.

  2. Hello Footyman, thank you so much for visiting and enjoying this read. Your comments and insight of this post's deeper message is greatly appreciated. Continue to build your home with a foundation of tender love and care. It's worth it!

  3. Wonderful article, often we forget to thank and knowledge what we have.

  4. Hello Narmatha, your comments truly hit home. Many times we all get caught up into an "entitlement type of mentality, especially when everything is going right in our favor. But, its when the loses come with no chance of recovery, that we graps the meaning of being thankful for what we have.

  5. Clarence- Sounds like you're truly at peace with yourself, and there's no better house or dwelling than that.

  6. Thanks again my friend, your words are a true expression of wisdom. Amazingly, we all seek peace, some find it sooneer than others and some make the ultimate sacrifice to obtain it. But, I beleieve it must start within.

  7. EXCELLENT ! Caps intended, I shout EXCELLENT

  8. When all is said and done, our 'home' does not have either a physical address or physical manifestation. It is what we bring to our circumstances that determines the safety and comfort of our 'home', not what our circumstances bring to us. However, in trials, we are tested to see how deeply we have settled into our true home - and those who live there with us.
    Wonderful writing.

  9. Hello Lynn, thank you so very much for visiting and taking the time to comment on this post. You truly speak the words of a well grounded and spiritual person, who understands that the true home to strive for is both loving and eternal.

  10. Hello ASeaRogue, First I'm sorry about responding to your comment out of sequence, but that's how it came up on my PC. Thank you for stopping by and visiting. Your comments regarding this post are greatly appreciated.


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