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Monday, November 9, 2009

Tic, Toc, Tic....

If you're like me, living and striving everyday to do great things, I know you've had these or similar thoughts. As the days and weeks come and go, do you find yourself working harder and harder to just keep up. It is by no means a secret that time is a factor we can't control.  As I look around and face the person staring back at me in the mirror, I see lots of changes as a result of the ole'clock on the wall. For example, there was a time when my hair line was further towards the front of my head, as opposed to its current location (don't laugh, if you're a guy, just stick around, your time is coming too).  

I can remember sitting and watching one of my favorite cartoons, which at the time made me laugh and laugh. It was all over something he constantly said... something about whether or not he had or did not see a... "Putti Cat".

Yes!, I'm talking about TWEETY.

I can't find very many people who have forgotten him, and amazingly they all are still quite fond on the little yellow bird in the cage who just drove Sylvester the cat crazy.

Ok sorry, I got a little carried away. Here's my point. Time was just as much a factor when I was younger and its still very much a factor as I grow older today.

Two days ago I was browsing the enternet and came across this photo of my favorite childhood cartoon character who, to my disbelief was pictured at age 60.

Noooo!! say it isn't so. Where has the time gone. I mean he still favors TWEETY, but oh how he's changed.

I wonder what the heck, Sylvester looks like these days...ummm.


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