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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

If The Shoe Fits...

Growing up in South Florida, I have had a lot of people watching experience and I've enjoyed every minute of it. There are coutless numbers of tourist here each year. Of course, some stay and some go. Whats interesting though, is how we all sometimes can parallel our customs, lifestyles and behavior to practical all types of things around us. Think about it for a second, have you ever been outside, perhaps at a park and noticed people walking with their pets and how amazingly they have managed to match their pet in some way or another to themselves. Maybe its just me, but I see it all the time.

A few days ago, I was sitting and just people watching and suddenly, I began to focus on the types of shoes they were wearing. Believe me when I say, there were people with big shoes and small shoes. There were white shoes and black shoes, and shoes with different colors. some had stripes and some of them, well I still can't identify.  Anyway, I began to think deeper and this is what I thought......

Each shoe has a name or brand that best descibes what type of shoe it is and what it is capable of providing.

So if I were to parallel shoes and people... ummmm.
Take for instance, this particular shoe, its known in familiar circles as the "Sneaker"
Now the sneaker, is like some people I know. They make you feel secure and comfortable, but true to its name, since they don't make a lot of noise, they'll sneak up on and around you, when you're not looking, then without warning, they'll NAIL you. They kind of remind me of those people who throw rocks and hide their hands.

Now the next shoe by design should tell you right away what kind of personality you're going to get. I mean, if you're looking for a hard working, non-stopping, task oriented, pick em up and lay it down kind of guy, then avoid this one at all cost. They are like your broke brother-in-law, who just sleeps and sleeps on your couch. Ladies beware, this guy is really NOT the perfect mate, especially for a lifetime.  Lets just get on with it and call him what he is.

Introducing the.......... "LOAFER"

Well, lets look at another fellow. Sometimes I think this one and the loafer are related, heck they may even be cousins. I would best describe this personality, compatible to one who is always in the back, always left behind; tends to be a follower rather than stepping up and taking the lead on most anything.  They are sometimes shabby and will talk to you in a dead on pointy, point of view (no pun intended), but  generally they spend a lot of their time frolicing and being totally irresponsible. So if all of this even peeks your curiousity and this is the type you gravitate to, then by all means the "HEEL" is definetly for you.

Hang in there, I'm almost done. This one is easy, they can't hide their identity at all. As soon as you lay eyes on them you know what you're getting. It is what it is and they are who the are. They are indecisive, and sometimes clueless. They don't offer any support, so if you really need dependablity, start looking somewhere else. On a day when you're having a little rain in your life... you're going to get wet!!  If you're needing someone to hold and warm you.. forget it. It's not happening. Today they love you, tonight they don't. So, so...ever so sad but true.

Perhaps this last one is a no brainer. It not perfect, but at least it provides you a lot more than those guys up top. This one is sturdy, strong, durable, reliable and can provide you comfort up hills, mountains and valleys as they spill or come into your life. It's a great supporter and functions well under some of the harshest conditions. They come in various sizes, shapes, colors and texures. They will fortify and reinforce your weaknesses and fight off all who oppose you. Without further a due, if I were you I would look for a partner who posses some of if not all of the qualities of the........ "BOOT".
So in closing, as the titled implies, "If The Shoe Fits.. Wear It!



  1. Wow, this post is as real as it gets! One of my favorite!

  2. Love your psychoanalysis of the shoe choices. I'd be afraid for you to see my shoe closet - there's EVERYTHING in there - from sneakers to boots, (practical) sandals to slippers and even irrigation boots in there! Your blog made me stop and think - which is what you were hoping for. Kudo's.

    And now, are you going to tell us about hats?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Back at you with the wow! Loved this post, because I love shoes.:) Being a woman I love to look at and talk about them. Very interesting take on the types of shoes you saw. I don't agree with all you said, but I will think twice about men in loafers:)

    I do have some things to tell you about your blog, but I will write them in the shouts. Meanwhile thanks for visiting and I am going to visit yours again!

  5. Thank you very much for your posted comments. Your opinions matter to me. Hope you gained some insight and had fun reading this particular post.


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