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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Its morning again, I hear the sound of birds singing and I began to wonder... 

Suddenly, my face is greeted with wetness and I witness the wagging of his tail moving crazily back and forth, but I'm not alarmed or quicken to anger, and I began to wonder... 

As I look over and past a most familiar face, still ever so quietly slumbering in restful and peaceful sleep, my eyes meet the awesomeness of nature and the warm morning sun.. and I smile, and yet I continue to wonder....

Is all of this... JUST FOR ME?

To many are those, whose days and nights are filled with horror and the sounds of cruelity and of death. To many are those, who tremble and huddled together because the endless fear(s) of the unknown was and have become so deeply overwhelming. To many of those, will have no sound of joy in the trees, no faithful friend to greet their awakening eyes, no familiar loving presence of a life long mate or the laughing, happy tunes of little tiny feet, with outstretched arms running to meet them .  Yet, through it all, I somehow will be spared and wonder, will it all be... JUST FOR ME?

Why, oh why, did the thief who comes in the night pass me by? Why, did those few, who are both near and abroad, choose to protect the many and include little ole me?   How could anyone know, that I prayed for these things?  How could anyone know, that through all the negative possibilities that could engulf me, that my tiny little exisitence really mattered. 

Although the road I travel, sometimes gets rough, and some of the people around me choose to openly hate, I still somehow can reflect on the countless number of good times.  Good times when I encountered strangers who smiled as they looked me in the face... and said, "Hello".  I'm motivated to faithfully, rise every morning and awaken to the glorious sounds of life all around me and then stop, smile and breathe freely as I realize that I'm alive, worthy and well, especially with having the opportunity of sleeping in my own warm and comfortable bed. 

Hastily, as I spring up and move throughout this place that I call my own...my home, I am overjoyed and as my peace suddenly escapes me, I shout out towards the heavens..., Halleluiah!!, because the majesty of the stars and strips, affixed to my house is still intact and I'm still, oh so....... FREEEEEE! 

Yet, somehow I find myself wondering, did he really hear me, does he really know me, and if so.. why, oh why, JUST FOR ME?

Wait a minute... I remember now, I was told long ago that my thoughts are not his thoughts. That he sits high and looks low. I never have to worry, nor wait in line. There's no need for an appointment or even a co-payment, that he may not come when I want him, but he would always be there, right on time. 

The answer is clear and yes its a choice.   The truth of the matter can be summed up in just one word..."LOVE " and its truly all done.... JUST FOR ME.                


  1. Wow. You are a very skilled writer. It was nice to read an uplifting post for once. It made me happy to hear about how happy you are. I'm very glad that all the demons and shadows that haunt and hurt so many have spared you. This is a good message for anyone who needs to be reminded of how grateful they should be for what they have.

  2. Hello Justin, thank you so very much for taking the time to visit my site. Your comments are highly appreciated as I believe they speak from your heart. My goal has always been to inspire as many people as I possibly can through my blog. Thanks again and plz. feel free to visit my site as often as you can. If this post touched you in a positive manner, help someone else by telling them about it too. Take care.

  3. It would be wonderful if everyone felt as you do. That life is a gift God created especially for them.

  4. Hello NP, welcome back. I agree totally with you. Thank God that there are still a few great and outstanding people around like yourself who still believe and see things for what they are. It all comes down to LOVE.

  5. Beautiful. Very talented. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hello Recycled Dove, thanks for visiting and leaving your encouraging remarks. I take each and every comment seriously and with a heart full of love. Plz. visit again real soon and if you desire, share this site and post(s) with your family and friends. Take Care.

  7. Oh my goodness, this was absolutely beautiful! I just realized that I wasn't on your 'Follow Me' list (even though I've been dropping by for a couple of months now!) But not to worry I remedied that straight away.

    By the way, I thought you'd like to know that I've been so impressed by your blog that I wrote a review of it which will appear on my site 'The Magnolia Blossom Review' in the next day. I do hope you'll drop by to check it out (and I also hope that you'll see a bit of traffic as a result of it, too, because your work deserves it!)

    Most cordially,
    L. Avery Brown

  8. Hello L. Avery Brown, Upon reading your comments I immediately felt the excitment and pleasured acceptance you were expressing through your wonderful and encouraging words. I am very honored to have you visit my site mainly in part because I truly respect your work and the motivation you give to your readers who strive to inspire and share their written thoughts with others. I too will continue to follow you and your work, as well as tell the many people I have personal influence over.

  9. The Joy of Jesus is your friend. The answer is always yes. God Bless you and your work.....

  10. Hello Dr. J, thanks for honoring me with your visit and encouraging words. Though, your words are few, they truly speak volumes.

  11. Hello my friend.

    Yes, the love may comes of the One who is greater. His love is eternal and is always present. It is he who guides our lives and He alone knows why you the lessons for us, whether pain or joy.

    I really liked your post.

    - I was happy that you follow me on BlogCatalog. Come and see my blog about the charity "One day and two days ..." It will be a pleasure for me.

    Shalom Aleichem

  12. Hi Clarence!

    Very moving and inspirational post.
    Thank you for sharing your positive thoughts in your blog.
    Take care.

  13. Hello Isha Shiri and Ken Haper, thank you both very very much for taking the time to visit my blog site. I'm honored and appreciative to you both for standing up for the most precious gift we have in our existence... LOVE. Plz. continue to share your passion with others through your individual blogs and come back to visit real soon.


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