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Monday, January 4, 2010


Are you ready... Are you really ready?.....Then let's get excited!! Stand Up!, and make some noiseee!!, because in just a few short days the SUPER BOWL will be here. I don't know about you but, I have my team already selected and I'm on board for nothing less than a huge WIN!!.

As with any major event such as this, you've got to have a ticket in hand to get in. Of course, there will be cheaters or scalpers around trying to sell people a bogus ticket.  I say, buyer beware, because you'll get exactly what you pay for.  Plus there's no refund, and you'll only hear about what happen verses being there as a full and sporting participant.

Now before we get all revved up and lose our minds, let me take a moment to enlighten you as to what this particular SUPER BOWL means to all of us.  Even if you're not a fan...you most certainly should be one or at least stick around to get informed.

As with any great team, you need smart, talented, dedicated, faithful and loyal players. They'll come from all walks of life, many have been battle tested, criticized and scorned. Some have had to walk away and give up the right for the wrong to make this team. Ultimate, many will and have tried out, but only a few of those will be chosen.  Some of them are considered skilled position players, who in comparison are like elders, decons and ministers of a congregation; yet what makes them unique is that no matter where they play on the team, they all think and play the game as One. WOW!, this team sort of reminds me of a team made up of  true believers.

 Of course, my SUPER BOWL team unlike many others, has been under the same management for over 2000 years.  This great owner is all powerful and also has an incredible head coach on board.

Trust me, all head coaches are not alike or come from the same mold. There are some who are hot heads, who curse, scream and yell at you, in fact they'll go as far to call you everything, but a child of God. They work day and night, to get you ready for a game you can't win, even if  it means you have to cheat.  Their playbook authorizes and encourage you to use drugs, drink, gamble, lie, maim or kill. It's a win at all cost mentallity.

Those tactics are necessary in order to get you hooked on their sinful game plan. These guys are evil and demonic and are not concerned with maintaining the integrity of the game.  

Or, in my humble opinion, you can have a team thats lead the right way and is coached from a different playbook; one that produces TOUCHDOWNS, with every single play thats called.  A coach who has a winning record; one who's a friend, when you're friendless; even if your teammates quit and join some other team, he'll be right there.  The coach of my SUPER BOWL bound team is known by many names... I just simply call him JESUS.

So, after playing through the rough and tough regular season down here on earth, my team just like all the other teams in the league, may find themselves at the crossroads of this life's games. 

Hopefully when the crossroads game is played, we would have had a winning season, because no one gets selected to play in the PRO BOWL of believers and saints game, if their hearts aren't right. 

So as we ponder and travel on this narrow road to the biggest game on earth called, "THE SUPER BOWL".... Will your team be playing to win a... Trophy or a Crown.


  1. I've never watch super bowl because we don't have that kind of sport in my country :) But I've heard about it.
    But that GREAT coach, I heard His name and follow Him. Though maybe I'm a stubborn player that often fall down, I always see my Coach lend His hand to help me..

    He is really really The GREATEST coach, isn't He?

  2. Hello Amelia, thank you so very much for your wonderful and inspiring comments. Sometimes we all somehow manage to fall along the way, but he does lift us up. So, I believe if you should fall again, make sure you fall going forward toward him. Take care and visit again soon.

  3. I'm not much of a Football fan myself...but you started to make me kinda sorta possibly maybe rethink just slightly liking it ;)
    Great post!

  4. Hello and thank you for commemting on my post. If you do sneak and watch football, remember its just a game, although grown men get paid millions for playing it. Hope you return and visit the other post in the archives. plz. tell your friends too. Take care.

  5. Thank you very much. I truly hope you return often and bring your friends. I definetly will visited your site also.


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