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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Most people think of fish when the phrase, "Brain Food" is mentioned in a conversation.  Actually that's what I've been told and based on some research studies (keyword studies) fish can be very good for your brain.

Food is defined as any nourishing substance that is taken into the body to sustain life, promote growth, etc. But before we go any further, I think I'd better clarify this topic and let you in on a secret.., this post is NOT about fish, steak, chicken, veggies etc.

Have you ever wondered why you have a certain belief on or about something, but don't really understand why you believe it?  Or why you may dislike certain people/cultures or certain places, etc?

Well don't feel like the lone ranger, because some of these things have probably happen to lots of people, including yours truly.

In some respects, its almost as if we've been Brainwashed, and like the food we eat, these thoughts have been introduced inside our bodies, with an honest attempt at promoting growth mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.

During my younger years growing up, I can remember my parents who loved and cared for me, and who wouldn't consciously mislead or misguide me, nourishingly fed me their own personal fearful thoughts about  going to or near the ocean.  Until now, I have never really given those tidbits of information much thought, or questioned why I don't particularly enjoy the ocean.

After inspecting some of these injected thoughts a little closer, it reminds me of how a virus attacks you. The main goal of any virus is to inhabit or get inside you, so it can do a couple of things, like incubate or get busy and do damage.

Have you ever heard about people who have told young girls that, "you can't do this or that, because.. you're a girl".   Perhaps their intent was harmless and more about some unfounded safety issue. The problem lies in the fact that any girl being told this by someone she respects, is apt to retain this type of "brainfood" as gospel, and may grow up actually believing that none of the things she aspires to do or become is possible.  All based of the premise that she happens to be a girl and girls can't.

Personally speaking, I found myself staying away from swimming pools and water events, because I had people in my life who didn't swim and were very uncomfortable around anything wet and or anything splashing creating waves higher than their belly button. 

Remember its like getting a virus, because the next major thing a virus does is become lonely and then they multiply, multiply and multiply. Interestingly enough, a mental suggestive virus, just like any real virus, also becomes bored with its initial host and decides ummm...I want more. It genuinely wants to infect as many others as it possibly can. So guess what happen next with the phobia's I have about water stuff?

Simply put... I've attempted to pass it on to my own kids.  But thank goodness I found  a CURE or at least in my case an incredible and inexpensive form of preventative medicine...., introducing my wife...., The ANTI-VIRUS!

She decided that my raw and uncooked phobia's needed to stay with me and not be passed on to our youngest daughter Taylor.  My effective antivirus protection plan had Taylor swimming like a fish at age 3. Ironically, being a girl she has never been told that because she was "a girl"; soccer, basketball, football, or sports in general was only for boys. The best part is that she's very atheletic and actually excels at sports.

It was less about words of fear and doubt and more about exposure and positive reinforcement.

So if you're infected and are NOT being all that you could be or you have been told that you will never amount to anything and your life will always be limited and unfulfilled.

STOP!! GO IMMEDIATELY on a diet serving LIFE as the main course.

Then take a good look at the Brain Food you've been fed or are allowing yourself to mentally consume and then go on that diet and ..... LIVE!



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  2. Clarence-What you say here is so true. We were all fed a lot of negative brain food as kids, misconceptions about ourselves and the world. And it takes exposure to other people and different ideas to help us realize our self-imposed limitations.

  3. Thanks so much for your visit and comments of this post. Amazingly so many of us go through life feeling these anxieties and never stop to examine why. My goal will be to expose my kids to as many wonderful things as possible and encourage them to at least try before merely accepting someones untested opinion.

  4. This is a great post. As a teacher I am often shocked by the limiting beliefs that are imposed on young people. When I hear them refuse to do this or refuse to try that I can literally hear their parents speaking. Its easy to tell that their beliefs have not been formed through their own experience by through the doubts and fears of those who raise them.

    Your children are very fortunate to have a forward thinking father who will not try to impose his own fears or judgements onto them.

  5. Hello Carol, thank you for taking the time to visit and comment. As a teacher of young people I highly respect what you do and offer our children through your positive leadership. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you as you continue to bless the children you teach.

  6. yes I am agree with you my friend. Folks before because of so much beliefs that they followed. they didn't give us so much freedom to explore. So, me now on my daughter, I make sure that she will enjoy her life to the fullest. :)

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  8. Clarence, I'm still admiring your blog! I finally posted your post on my site! Thank you fellow blogger.


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