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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Ever wondered as you were growing up, whether you would get caught do the unthinkable?  I use to think that my mom had eyes in the back of her head.  After all, I just knew I had planned everything correctly and covered all the bases,  Right?... but if thats the case, then why was I in trouble; she's pissed and yelling at me, and why dId I get the feeling that I was about to meet my maker?..  BUSTED AGAIN!

Well, as time passed and I grew older and a little wiser. I've come to understand that nothing really occurs and then goes unseen. It does not matter whether its done indoors, outdoors or behind doors, sooner or later it will be seen, heard, or talked about and ultimately exposed to all.

The reality of it all, is everyone of us should make decisions based on the fact that our lives are like that of the "fish in a bowl".  Everything said or done is never a secret, but just simply transparent.

If you're still doubting or think I'm blowing smoke, let's together look at a few examples of people or circumstances that have occured. Especially, the ones that nobody was supposed to find out about.

I can recall a particular situation (prior to my retirement), involving some of my coworkers, who normally performed their duties with nothing less than professionalism. Yet, on one particular shift under the "cloak of darkness", a motorist was stopped and instead of a possible warning; citation issuance etc., it resulted in a beating, injuries, death, lies, falsification of official documents, civil unrest, resulting in a costly riot.

Perhaps there's this person you know who always never gets in trouble or causes trouble, then for reasons known only to them, they decide that its easier today, to just take a few items that in their mind, nobody will miss, know about or even care about.  Of course, they probably would have been successful, had it not been for the store's hidden video camera... Darn it, hate when that happens!!!

To some people, thinking about and or committing the limitless list of unthinkables, is very adventuresous or just a mere game of cat and mouse.  To others, it an all out attack on their enlarged ego that says, "I can do anything I want and you can't stop me or catch me if you can".  Either way, with every choice there's always consequences. Some are unforgiving as well as irreversible.

The forever exisiting and all seeing eye phenomina is a huge reality. It sees those who sit high and those who sit low. 

I'm surely not blameless; pointing my finger at or attempting to justifiably sit in a position of judgement or anything like that. God knows I surely have a few skeletons in my own closet, but.... "I'M JUST SAYING"        


  1. I think sometimes our behavior is more apparent to others than ourselves. And though we think our deeds are hidden in a dark cellar, they're really out there in plain daylight.

  2. Hello my friend, Thank you and I absolutely agree with your accessment of this situational problem that we all sometimes find ourselves in. Although its a fixable issue, it will take great strength and faith in one's ability to refrain from indulging in the ever present "unspeakables".

  3. Usually the consequences are not very nice .. interesting post

  4. Thank you very much for your comments. Hope you will return as often as you can.

  5. Very interesting post mate. I liked it very much. Thanks for sharing


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