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Friday, February 19, 2010

Loving Equally

Does he or she really mean it when they say, "I Love You Too".  What are the signs? 

I'm not an expert on Love and relationships but, here's what I've observed and experienced...

While stating the obvious, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. 

This process is and can be so complicated, yet so very simple. Lets try refusing to focus so much of our driven energies on futile attempts to read each others mind.  I believe our time would be better spent and greater results can be achieved through all the incredible and actively shared time we spend together.  Doing so, redirects the focus to the heart and soul of the matter... The Overwhelming and Blessed Opportunity to "Just Love".

Giving and receiving Love Equally, is much more than what appears to be on the surface. It requires action, honesty, sacrifice, as well as joint and total commitment of all parties involved. 

People understandably, spend a lifetime in Love, but... is that which they've chosen to dedicated their Love to, capable of returning the favor?

Some folk Love with all their hearts, their jobs; houses; land; silver; gold and sometimes too much of themselves. The returns are not only consuming and clouded, but they can be shortlived when searching for long term Love related residuals.

With all the aforementioned lovables that we can attached our existence to, I tend to ask myself the following:

Can I truly rely solely on my job; my bank account etc., to Love me equally when I encounter sickness; dispair; lonliness or become motherless, friendless, homeless or penniless?

Hopefully, its a knowledgable fact, whether through personal experience or not, that reciprocated Love can not and will not survive by force, coerosion or deception. It must be rooted, and produce through mutual respect and most importantly.... EARNED.


  1. Fantastic blog. Full of useful information for people like me. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hello and thank you for your visist and encouraging comments. Plz. visit again soon and share my site with your friends,

  3. I think where real love exists there's no need for proof or confirmation. One knows it, one feels it, through the other person's actions.

  4. "Love can not and will not survive by force, coercion or deception." Agreed. Love must be freely given and freely received. No strings attached. Otherwise it's an illusion, and not love.

  5. Hello and thank you my friend, for taking time out to visit and offer your encouragement and wisdom to this post. Plz. know that your visits and commemnts here are greatly appreciated.

  6. I love and agree with Quote added by NP it seems to have answered the question..Great post Clarence and thanks for stopping over

  7. Hello Fatima, thank you for visiting and commenting of my blog post. The bigger goal for all of us is to work toward loving each other unconditionally. Rest assured that I will visit your blog site often. Take Care.

  8. Nice insight Clarence. Love is a two way thing and I believe if you can't love back then you should be honest about it and don't cheat other's of their time investing in your pseudo love.

  9. Hello Nikx, thanks for stopping by and offering your comments. It reminds me of the "Golden Rule". Hope to see you return real soon.

  10. Thanks for this loving thought.I appreciate it.

  11. Hello Delhi Escorts, Thank you for visiting and sharing your encouraging comments. Hope to see you here again real soon.


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