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Sunday, June 12, 2011

No Rain In Sight

Opportunities and positive events are always present, provided we look for them and place ourselves in position to receive them. Although it somehow seems easier to fixate on the negatives or the short term "I want it now", craze in our lives, just remember this type of mentality oftentimes will result in more crash events like... sadness, dismay, disbelief, unfulfilled, defeat, and panic.

A friend shared this statement with me once, she said that "In the absence of faith, doubt and fear are present".  After considering this profound statement, I also surmised that, Fear and Faith would be find difficulty to coexist at the same time, but if somehow it does, which of these two factors would ultimately prevail in my life?

I believe that we all want to take advantage of positive opportunities that come our way, but sometimes we allow that other inner voice between your ears to scream out... "This one is not for you; you can't do it and you don't deserve it... Or what you seek, is simply meant for someone else".

The problem as I see it is somehow, some way we have chosen to allow others to speak negatively into your lives, and depending on that individuals personal status level or influence on us, we've literally excepted whole heartily their opinionated filled speech to us as the truth and sadly without any further investigation on our part.

 No one has the right to speak negatively into our existence and we just except it.... NO ONE. Period!

Here's my personal solution or affirmation:

STARTING RIGHT NOW, each and everyday, as I look at my reflection in the mirror, I will no longer view that image as a stranger. I will no longer see a small or insignificant me. For, everyday that I breathe oxygen on this earth, I will always strive to grow and move forward in life, because the huge impact and influence that I may personally have on others is needed, required and valid. I will become stronger and stronger in self confidence to Live and Love unconditionally. If I sincerely help and invest quality time in those that I know and love, as well as all the others I will encounter... then I can expect and look forward to all my impossibles becoming all of my desired possibles.

Life is a JOURNEY, and every curve, valley, hill, mountain, river, dead end, etc., should be enjoyed and appreciated immensely without reservations. I will work diligently not to focus solely on the DESTINATION!

Believers know this to be true..

If through the rain (hard times), we continue to have faith and unwavering belief in that faith then...

All our days will become Diamonds and none of those days... Stones.

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  1. Hello my friend! I like the way you think about life. Reading your post inspired me in so many ways. Keep it up and regards to your family and God bless always


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