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Friday, August 19, 2011

Fishing for... LOVE

Growing up in Miami for me was great. Perhaps if you were like me, you had everything imaginable and available around you to keep you amused. As the years came and went, I started to wonder what it would be like to have a relationship of my very own and most importantly, what the heck was a "relationship" and then, how to accomplish or get one.

I began to closely observe the personal relationalship behavior of my parents which was slow paced and to me, not very exciting to watch as far as I was concerned. Don't get me wrong or become perplexed about my reality, its just that I was only about age 7 then.  Now, I don't know about you, but seeing my parents kissing was like..... auggh!

Thank you God, that I was blessed with not one, but two older brothers who, unbeknown to them, were instrumental in, lets just say uh.. they opened my eyes.  I was watching every move, stance and gesture they made.  I even went as far as to memorize their special brew or blend of how to 'RAP'. Ha, Ha, Ha!!. I had no clue of what I was saying or what it all meant, but when I opened my mouth and uttered the words, it sounded smooooooth. So, fake it if you must, but look good doing it.  Either way, through the magic of trial and error, I like many other inspiting "Don Juan's",  sometimes got it right.

I am by no means an expert of this topic but, if you've found yourself in what I call a relationship disaster, better known as an absolute NIGHTMARE that just won't go away, then its possible that some or all of the blame starts with the man in the mirror.
Sometimes when we think of starting a relationship, we fail to seek out or simply do not care about gaining any real understanding of its true meaning.

Webster says a relationship is a state of connectedness between people (especially an emotional connection).  Its a state involving mutual dealings between them. (making all parties accountable)
There is one group of individuals that just drive me nuts. These relationship geniuses are of the ever present, fast paced, pain in the butt group of people who blantantly start relationships based on, "I'm with you only for the moment or until I get bored with you or simply my dear,What have you done for me lately".

Trust me, they're out there, everywhere, at work, school, the mall, the movies, your favorite restaurant, at church and even in your cell phone's contact list.

Scary isn't it.

What's even scarier, is that there are some who know this is a bad deal and instead of running away as fast as they can, they get involved or settle for this form of punishment, in spite of the reality. Perhaps the vilian within is a lack of self esteem, or some form of co-dependency, which without indepth examination can sometimes create an illussion of looking like the real thing thats being search for...,True Love.

Think back and remember the last time you were out and was just minding your own business, when suddenly you glanced up and met the attractive and pleasing eyes of another. Your inner voice tells you to ignore it and move on, but that other inner voice shouts louder and makes you take a second look only this time you smile or wriggle your nose or even send a wink. Then suddenly, in the next breath your brain turns to mush and you can't speak or articulate and you're left with the abnormal ability to immediately resort to acronyms like .... OMG!!! or just... OOOOOH. Your entire body language is focused and sending strong impulsing messages of "Yeah baby, I'm the one, so lets get it on"!

OK, Calm down, you can stop now..., it was only an illusion.

So was it fate, or chance that you met? Or should I ask myself..., did you pick them or did they pick you?

I would suggest that we all spend the time needed to acquire long and lasting relationships built on common sense values. Such as, do I need or do I merely just want a relationship?

As the the picture above may indicate... He or She are exactly who they are. You can't change them, nor should you seek to. Plain and simply my friends.. It is what it is and they are who you thought they were.

Perhaps if your luck continues to run out and you're tired of falling in love, when the true goal needed to be, growing in love. Consider this the next time, you cast a line in the sea of romance to hook... "the one".

Maybe, just maybe its a real good time to also practice, "CATCH and RELEASE"!


  1. I like the title huh very catchy anyway great article! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello my friend! How have you been? I hope you and you're family are doing great.

  3. So real story and has really life in every content of it and describes the love and relationship.

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  4. Having been in a break up is something a kind of sign that is saving you from the wrong ones.

    I still believe in the saying of "True love waits".

  5. I love how smoothly this flows and its combination of humor, truth, fun, and substance. You make it a pleasure to read your words. :)

  6. y great article! Thanks for sharing.


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