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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Remembering the years before today....., those times of wishing and waiting; The times of anxious anxiety of longing for just a glimpse of your image, your face, your smile, your warm embrace. The times of emptiness deeply felt, when just the mere thought of not being near you brought feelings of great sorrow. Sorrow so immense, its measured and comparable only to the vast and endless part of a space without light. Missing any moment with you, created an undesirable element of forsakeness, filled with loneliness.

Although a place dark and warm; dreaming of you, as I know you dreamed of me, offered a sense of refuge; a place never permitting despair; when true to your word, you waited for me, saving a place for me in your heart.

If the day comes when you miss me.. think inner deeply of me; trusting and knowing that I will always return to you.

If in the history of our love, we're invaded or become under attack... I promise to protect you with honor and my last breath, even..... with my life.

My prayer is that you will forever have the vision and wisdom to know that an avenue has been made available to and for you only... there in that place and time.. there and only there can you seek and shall truly find....

Forever and Always ......A place for you in my heart.

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