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Thursday, February 4, 2010


There it is over there; now it's over here. Can you see, hear and or feel it?  Just as high as the sky; as far as the sun is from the earth; as deep as the sea; as dark as the night without a hint of day.  Its in this land and in distant lands; it started and starts before, during and after births; and is present even at the time of death.  Its essence will lasts today, tomorrow and forever more.

It has been said that LOVE.. is patient and kind; is not jealous; is not snobbish or put on airs; is not self seeking; is not prone to anger; it does not brood over injuries, but rejoices along with the truth; it covers over everything; believes everything; puts up with everything.... and it NEVER FAILS.

LOVE is as powerful as nature itself.

The GOOD BOOK says that GOD is LOVE.

Therefore...... LOVE is simply everything.


  1. i love your post really, love is everything,which means that we should view anyone as valuable, and that its only not on valentines that we should give love, at least everyday...
    Advance happy valentines to you..
    take care


  2. Clarence-Came across this Saul Bellow quote yesterday: "A man is only as good as what he loves." They say love makes everyone a poet, and your writing here certainly confirms that.

  3. Hello Cat, thank you for visiting and your review of this post. Life is short and we should love others each day as if it were our last..because it could be.

  4. Hello my friend (nothingprofound), its always an honor to have you visit and comment. Take care and visit again soon.

  5. The true essence of REAL love can only be expressed with a Divine order from an Agape mindset...anything else is just a figment of one's mind for surface interpretation. Go just a bit deeper spiritually for that which is ours for the asking. Do this in remembrance of Him while we await ascending to the New Jerusalem! Are you making your election and calling surest to among that number, love notwithstanding?

    Alvin C. Romer
    Editor of THE ROMER REVIEW

  6. Hello Alvin, thank you for your visit and review of this post. I am honored to have you offer your inspiring and spiritual natured comments. Plz. visit again and feel free to comment on other posts from my blog.


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