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Sunday, February 14, 2010


There are just those incredible times when things that were heading towards a path of success, somehow and without reason appear to eludes us.  What happen, what went wrong, who do I and what can I blame for this new stumble in my business; my relationship; my life?

The answer we seek is discoverable and easy to pinpoint.  Sometimes the answer is as close as the man/woman in the mirror.  But, can we honestly except this new clear discovery? 

I personally have found it a great resolve to be able to hold myself accountable for my own failures as well as my own successes, even if its somewhat of a bitter cup at times to swallow. 

I remember a few months ago, when a friend approached me with a business opportunity.  After listening intently to his bid, a few things he said stuck out.  One was his overwhelming enthusiasm about all the money he was going to make.  He basically shouted out that, it was a brand new concept in an industry that was going to change the way everyone was looking at going 'Green".  Then he carried on about how, I should get in right now, at the ground level and at the beginning and most importantly I needed to dump whatever I was presently involved in and get signed up. Well, true it did all sound incredible and exciting.  So, not meaning to burst his bubble and because he was my friend, I felt compelled to remind him of a few things I thought was cruicial to our conversation.

I looked him square in the eye and said Jack, all of this sounds and appears to be the "ONE", but remember successful businesses have taken time and work to be and maintain tenure in any industry.

The bottom line is.. YOU still have to build it!

I say this because no matter what the goal, dream or venture we connect ourselves to, we are the main spoke in the wheel that will move the many missions we take on daily. WE are the real reasons of make it or break it.  Of course, others situations encountered do factor in as contributors to the overall outcome, but its us; the we; the YOU, who decided to turn left vs right,; to say no verses yes; the one who chose to guess about it, rather than to actually know about it.

It's on me, its on you, so the question is.....



  1. Awesome and you made a valid point which I understand... as any business venture still would need time ,work and has to be built .. Sometimes that aspect of the business is forgotten when people come and sell an idea to others I am not sure why..

  2. Hello Fatima, its a pleasure to have you stop by and offer such positive comments. Plz. continue to visit and enjoy my blog.

  3. One shouldn't blame oneself or others when things go wrong, but one should always take responsibility. By doing this, one has a better chance of succeeding at whatever one tries.

  4. Hello my friend, I totally agree with your insight on this topic. Accoutability is truly a vital part of growth in all individuals. Thanks for stopping by. Take Care.


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