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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shout While You Still Can

Its Sunday morning here and its truly a day of rest; sacrifice and praise.  If you've got food on your table, shoes on your feet, clothes on your back today..... You've Got Something To Shout About.

Someone among us, did not hear their alarm clock ringing, in its futile effort to awaken them this morning. If you are among the living today, as you read the words of this post and have all of your physical life sustaining organs functioning..... You've Got Something To Shout About.

Some among us deny and fail to believe in a higher power and truly believe that they actually have the expressive right to boldly utter the words. To you I say, even though it may not be in my humble and feeble power to convence you or change your thoughts otherwise; rest assured that should the day come, where   you find yourself in the the face of a tragic and most certain demise, and the words "Oh my God, save me", flow from your lips and your existence is somehow spared..... You've Got Something To Shout About.

It is said, that there will be rain in our lives. Just know that it won't rain forever. Rain falls in our lives differently from one person to the other. It maybe a lack of financial means to pay your bills; It may come as a thief in the night, robbing you of your posessions or the life of a love one; It maybe the lost of a job; a car; or your health. Do not dispair by doubting or burying your head in the sand; or distancing yourself from all humanity. It is at this junction, when you must rise up and know that through it all.... You've Got Something To Shout About.

We live in a troubled and cruel world, and thats a fact, as I stated once in a previous post, that FAITH and FEAR will not florish in the same place at the same time. For only unwavering FAITH will grant you the ability to SHOUT with an unmeasurable purpose.

Erase the doubts and fears in your life and.........  SHOUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!          


  1. Great post!. We should be grateful and happy for the little things we have while we still have the life.

  2. thank you, I agree with your input. Its a proven fact that we can be here today and gone today. God Bless you.


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