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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Devil Made Me Do It

Today, was to be a day of goodwill, calmness, and some personal time to reflect on all of the great things that last week had produced. I sincerely don't mean to complain again, because I'm actually still estactic and somewhat overhelmed with joy, regarding all the limited and shared time with my eldest son, who was home for a week from the navy. With that said, on today..... (scratch that), this entire day in my mind, was to be nothing short of incredible.

The morning started out with a beautiful warm and glowing sunrise. The kind that just takes your breath away. I got dressed and headed out to first and foremost, take care of a major prioity of mine... FINDING FOOD. I've got to have it or no one is safe around me until I get it. I would love to describe the feast for you but....., let's just say it was ridiculously outside of your normal two eggs, bacon, toast and coffee.

Everything was going great until......., well until, he showed up. Yea, thats right, that evil disgusting, no good, dirty, low down......, see that's what I mean. This cruel being will do anything to control you, your thoughts, your words and deeds.... if you let him.  Of course, this time he showed up in the strangest way.  He didn't openly speak to me, but he somehow positioned me so that as I started to get into my car, I found myself focused on the left front tire.  There it was, shining brightly for all to see.  I quietly said to myself, what the heck is that?  Then while examining it closer, I realized that the brightly shining object was in fact a large nail that had embedded itself in my expensive and brand new tire.  At first, I wanted to scream and curse at the nail; then the tire and lastly that evil demon on my shoulder, who of course was urging me to do and say all of the.... !!%**#, wrong things and much more toward the nearest and available ear.

That's when I somehow, shook him off and took a deep and needed breath of O2.  Finally, I felt a little better and made the decision to not remove my punctured and suffering tire at this location, but instead I chose to drive it gentlely to the nearest tire center for the required and unscheduled repair. After realizing that I had handled this situation with the upmost of southern class, I headed home and felt totally convence that I was back in control, of having the sort of day I envisioned earlier.

Thinking back, and while reliving the conversation I had with the tire repair guy, I suddenly began to laugh out loud. He told me, that I needed to relax because this type of thing happens to everybody.  I curiously replied, "Oh really, you don't say".  He firmly said yes, it could even happen to Santa Clause.  Suddenly, my warped sense of humor kicked in and I immediately thought about what that must look like..... ummm.

Gee.. hope Santa has OnStar.

Once I arrived at the house, I went straight upstairs to do some needed work on the home computer.  I was just as busy as a beaver, when I saw this little flashing icon appear, that read... click here for some needed updates. Part of me said ignore it, stay on task, but guess who showed up again, sticking me over and over with that fork thingy, and then he proceeded to force my humble little right index finger, to click the mouse on the update tab.  You're probably thinking by now and asking... "What are you smoking"?  Maybe I should have been...Nahh!!, but there he was, standing right in front of me.  Thats when everything just went crazy. The download turned out wack and obviously not capatible with my present operating system (what ever that is).  It was like I was being transformed into that Dorothy girl who realized that she was not in Kansas anymore, and causing me to shout out words like... "Lions, Tigers and Bears..Oh My!!

Whew!!..., luckily I had the phone number to my computer hero (who lives in another time zone) and a warranty that was still valid. Fortunately for me and after 2 plus hours of patience, reassurance and customer care romancing, I got exactly what I deserved....         

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