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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oops... Did I Do That?

It seems funny and somewhat puzzling to me, but  when ever I decide on a task, that's deemed important enough for me to do, my family members tell me that I act as though, I'm possessed my some ridiculous spell or some evil demonic creature.  Of course, I tend to disagree with their assessment, because I would call my driven and unrelenting state of mind, as simply being focused. 

I'm not sure why, but its just that whenever I'm undertaking any project, it immediately falls under my personal book of  rules. Rules like this one, which is found in, volume18, chapter 28, verse 17, which states, " Since its my project, I can do it however and whenever I say so".  


Well since you've decided to take the 5th, I'll take your silence as a yes and that you also agree, that I'm right! 

Anyway, today it all started after an incredible breakfast and two cups of caffeine, or maybe it was three.  I walked into our home office and started up the computer. While waiting for the startup, I heard this screeching voice way in the distant downstairs, yelling something about a problem they encountered earlier with the computer.

I did not reply or ask them for clarification, because this would have distracted me from the mission unfolding right in front of me.

Great, no problems encountered with the startup.

The mission I accepted, was to install a new piece of  hardware, which would allow me to project any image from the computer to an external monitor. So, as I'm following along with the provided directions, it says to tap on the FN 8 key.

Sounds easy and no real big deal.... right??

Then why, oh why,  has my entire screen turned blueeeeee..... What the heck is or has gone wrong, and why, oh why, are there multiple error messages everywhere?

The next frantic words out of my mouth was, Oh No... Did I Do That???

As if that wasn't enough punishment. Do you remember, the screeching voice I told you about earlier? Well now she was standing behind me, screeching again and again, while giving me an unsolicited answer, to the question that I thought, I had uttered in total secrecy.  She boldly  stated, "Yes, you did do that and thank GOD, it wasn't me, and you know what else, I think you fried the hard drive too! I told you that you should have waited on the repairman".


Turns out that, instead of tapping the Fn 8 key, I...., I hate to say it, but I.... well, I mistakenly tapped on the Ctrl (control) and #8 key... continuosly. So there,  I confess.

Here's the moral of the story and what I have learned.

If only I had remembered to look in the front portion of my rule book, under, Chapter 1, sectiion 1, verse 1; which states: "Anything worth doing, is worth doing right, the first time".

Oh and by the way, in addition to the above rule, with an astrix attached to it, is this one; Hope you remember the next time,  you knuckle head that..., Haste makes Waste!!  



  1. Thank you Glynis, for your lovely and TRUE veiw point. I have to say that I actually agree with you. LOL

  2. Hahaha! Nice story! If it happens it means that it's possible...smiles

    have a lovley Day!


  3. Hello Dy, thank you so very much for visiting and commenting on my post. Please visit again as soon as you can; bring some friends and spend some time together at my site.


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