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Friday, December 11, 2009

How Can I Help

It's no secret to most, that in many parts of the world, there was in the past as well as in our present day, people who are suffering from one thing or the other. With this in mind, I offer you peace in knowing that people everywhere are also being blessed daily in one way or the other.

If you are a believer, you know that our Father owns it all, and he is rich beyond measure. Yet sadly enough, sometimes we miss or fall short of ours, simply because we fail to position ourselves, in the right place to recieve them. What's also puzzling to me is, the mindset of those who actually have in abundance and refuse to share, and then there are those on the other hand who proclaim not to have enough of their own to even consider sharing.

This is what I know...

 Some may see or envision these benefits to mean or be displayed in many forms such as, money, silver or gold; houses or land, and so forth. These things come and go and when given, they can be taken away.

The true soul of these riches I speak of is LOVE, and it lies within each of us. If we offer it one to another without conditions, the world in which we live in, suddenly becomes a beautiful place again as it begins to turn and turn.... touching everyone with blessings after blessings.

LOVING unconditionally, can be as simple as giving water to one who is thirsty; being a mentor; feeding the hunger; offering service to the community by way of schools, parks, churches, and nursing homes, etc.

If we reach out and help as many people as we humanly and possibly can, to reach and fulfil their dreams, in turn our own dreams will be fulfilled. So it makes sense to me that, in order to recieve a blessing, we must become a blessing.

So, if it is in deed a true fact, that this story is about giving...

Please, take my hand;  join me and ask...... HOW CAN I HELP?


  1. well,lets us be a good example of Christ... who is a very generous giver.

  2. What a wonderful post. Something that everyone should read. Unfortunatly, so many are wrapped so tightly into themselves that they don't realize what a difference we could all make in each others lives. The statement you make, "in order to receive a blessing, we must become a blessing," is so true and very nicely put!

  3. Great post! The perspective of poverty and its effects around the globe makes me more humbly depend on God. Thanks for your thoughts!


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