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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Life's Evening Sun

When I first met my wife, we enjoyed traveling down on every available weekend we had, to whats known as the "Southern Most Point" of the U.S., which is located in KeyWest Florida.  One of the many sights and sounds we enjoyed most was to go to the pier and watch all of the tourist from other places as well as the locals. There was always more than enough music, food, drinks and performers around to entertain everyone to their fill.  Although, out of all of the aforementioned, nothing was more spectacular than to sit and watch the sunset.  Words or even a photograph with the most expensive NIKON camera and its host of accessories, could capture the majestic view of a KeyWest sunset.  In other words, what I'm trying to say is, you really have to see it for yourself, even if it's by yourself, with your own eyes.

Luckily, there are sunsets everywhere. So there really should be no excuse for not being witness to one of these amazing events on planet earth. Thank goodness there's even somewhat of a schedule to sunsets, you just have to plan a little bit and make sure you don't miss it by deciding to take a beauty nap. 

Here's one from as far north as the northpole. With this being captured in the month of December, I guess the people there really have it made.  They get a serious winter snow, Santa Claus, reindeer and his helpers for neighbors and a fantastic sunset to finish off the day.  Awesome!!

I can imagine that even in times past and long ago, when the great Pharoahs ruled, and had the power to  order the enslavement of millions, and then giving them the monumental tasks of gathering the tools and materials needed to construct and build the great tombs and pyramids of Egypt.  Surely, all of the task masters were hard and driven men, who's primary and focused goal, was to get the work started and completed at any cost, even if it took all day, with little or no rest, and even if it meant millions had to die..

I somehow believe that, to each one of those enslaved, nothing was more satisfying than their belief, that a day would come when they would be rewarded for their labor. When that great day came, both the enslaved and their oppressors gave witness to the breathtaking sunset unveiling equally before them.  A sunset not made by the hands of man; one that would miraculously place the beauty of a setting sun, as a magnificent backdrop to the results of their finshed masterpiece of labor in the foreground. 

Fortunately, no matter where you are on this planet, you can witness for yourself the beauty and magnificent graciousness of a sunset. I personally have been blessed to see quite a few and I have yet to become bored, tired or allowed myself to take any of them for granted.

I also realize that I raved on and on about the sunsets in KeyWest, but to be honest with you, my only desire is to make sure, that you do everything humanly possible to share the next sunset you are blessed to see, with someone you... LOVE.    



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