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Sunday, June 27, 2010

For Your Precious Love...

Two days ago, my wife and I celebrated our 15th year wedding anniversary and a very dear friend of mine expressed how amazing it was that in these times, how rare it was to be in a relationship of any significant amout of time.  She then ask me if I would one day talk about how we made it, while balancing both of our demanding careers.

First and foremost,  I'm not my any means an expert when it comes to relationships. What I do know, is that based on my personal experience, relationships require time, commitment, and the willness to being honest and open to your partner as well as yourself.... ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!!

Looking back, I used to look at relationships the same way I used to value life in general. Wow, was that a big mistake. I constantly created a life filled with headaches and heartaches.  I was simply initiating relationships based solely on a "want".  Just because I was watching others around mingling and giving the appearance of having such a wonderful and exciting time together, didn't necessarily equate to long term or that life of forever after effect you read about in story books.

Of course, I'm not saying that everyone of my, "want" relationships resulted in disaster, but there usually was no tenure experienced and that was because, not long after I "fell" in love, I quickly "fell" out of love. Uummm, I wonder has this ever happen to you and your relationships too?

The key is "growing" in love. The goal is "growing in love together". The result..."PRICELESS".

Anyway, while coming up through the years, I've learned a lot about what I "want" compared to what I really "need".  What I did was honestly, evaluate each of these factors and the sum of which, put me on the right course.

Careers are great to have, but they can also be a hazzard to a relationship if YOU allow them to. Think about it, when was the last time on a cold and dark lonely night, and you're watching this incredible movie or listening to your favorite Barry White tune, and suddenly the thought of sharing this moment of hot and steamy passion with someone.... you picked up the phone and called your selfish, demanding, stressful career, to come over and extinquish your flames?  Ummm, again!

Additionally, sharing with one another is also essential.  Most, excessive career minded individuals tend to really separate their personal life from their professional life. I feel that once you both start separating some of the things in your relationship, it creates an avenue of acceptance to separate not only other things but everything.  To each his or her own, but some people take this process literally; they separate money, cars, children, the house, the food, the bed, the dog and eventually each other. This mindset, I believe sacrifices the partnership... the core of the relationship.   

Careers were invented by man, not by the higher source that I associate with, who like himself is everlasting and loves unconditionally. Let me just say, that in my book, the latter should be the pattern of our love to one another.

So, if your one and only, secret and true love is your career..., you have my heartfelt sympathy.

The choice is rather simple and ultimately always yours.  Like the songs says, It's your thing, do what you want to to do.....


Like this post title states, "For your precious love, means more to me, than any love could ever be".                 


  1. I think now after 10 years i have learned many of the lessons and principles you speak about. However, i was slow at the learning process, and stubborn to surrendering to a will other than my own. The end result of that is I have a good career, I live in a nice area, I just got a new car, I make decent money, But the flip side of that coin is I stand all alone. With only memories of my family left, and in my day to day living i am alone...

  2. So true. Caring about and really liking each other makes a big difference as well.

  3. Hello Sasee, I would be certainly have to say, that I've been there. Thank God, I have been given second chances in my life, because somethings are just irreversible. It is so true that one can live in the company of multiple people and still feel alone. Although, once you learn to live vs. just existing in a relationship, then it becomes clear that a house really does not make a home. I pray that you discover the peace you seek.

    Hint: Start with prayer.
    Take care my friend.

  4. Hello Lynn, I am so honored to have you visit again. Hope all is well with you and yours. I totally agree with you. I personally know a few people who got connected based on one another's portfolio (aka bank account). Well, not that those things aren't important, but they really didn't even like each other. Ultimately, they both had to spend some of that love money to end a marriage based on a piece of paper.

  5. I've never been ambitious, and never wanted to work too hard. I wanted people and happiness to be the top priorities in my life.

  6. Hello my friend NP, great to see you here again. Personally I believe we share the same visions concerning life in general. As you know there are those that give and then there are those who take. Fittingly, each of these always will reap what they sow. Take Care and see you again soon.


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