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Monday, October 26, 2009

No Need To Fear

Very soon this month, specifically on the 31st day of the week, several different populated sides of this planet will voluntarily engage in dressing up in strange clothing (better known as costumes), and participate in what is known as HALLOWEEN.

Usually, for many the favorite Halloween color represented is your basic orange and black combination. Additionally, the event is largely associated with the use of symbolic images like, jack-o-lanterns, witches, scary stories etc.

It may sounds like a lot of fun, but it's not necessarily fun for everyone. There are some religious skeptics who have voiced serious concerns over the years, due to their belief that Halloween, is in direct conflict with their specific faith teachings. They believe that any association with Halloween has become less about fun and celebration, but more about Satan and demon worshipping. Ouch!

I grew up living with a very strict and religious family and can't ever remember going trick or treating. Sometimes I wonder and ask myself, was I really that sheltered?  Did I somehow miss out on something?  Actually, I only think about such things when the Halloween festivities come and go, or when we escort my youngest daughter and grandson, door to door collecting treats and most importantly searching for the "Great Pumkin".....Ooooo!

The next big question or complaint about Halloween is at what age should one stop trick or treating? ummm.

This situation is one that probably is no big deal, but there have been times when I've responded to my front door expecting little cute and adorable youngesters, dressed in angel; spounge bob; batman; whinny the pooh; and spiderman get ups.  Each and every one of them, tiny little people, with cute tiny little voices attempting to articlulate, those famous 3 words... TRICK or TREAT. . Wonderful Right?.... Wrong!! 

As I'm opening the door, and starting at the feet level of the ghostly vistors, I immediately realize that those little feet are huge, massive podders that are attached to large legs and torso's, who's voices are certainly not tinnie weenie. Then as I slowly glance up at the faces of these masses of terror, it's enough to knock you off your own feet, reeling you backwards inside the door and embarassingly onto the floor.  Enough already, not only are they heart attack scary, they're just to big...,  And with big people ghools, come BIGGGG! ghoolish hands. Hell, they literally took more than their ghoolly share of the goodies. So much so, that it was all gone before the Halloween night came to an end.

After a few of those incidents, I now never let them reach into the goody tray anymore. Ha,Ha, Ha.....

Thank Goodness, there are lots of other options available to attract those older Halloweener's, who wish to celebrate this event.  One of the options is to do what I'm doing and just pass out treats and call it a night.


They could actively and safely participate or sponsor Halloween parties involving their age related peers. ummm. Ok, that's all I've got for now. Looking forward to hearing from or seeing you all on the 31st.

Happy Halloween or should I say... TRICK or TREAT!

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  1. Lol!! Count me in as one of the kids that are "too old" to trick or treat. But it's fun to dress up and get candy. But I guess you're right, there needs to be an age limit. Cute post!


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