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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Stroke Of The Pen

Today was suppose to be just another beautiful morning, with the sun shining brightly between the clouds, trees swaying in the wind and birds singing. So what went wrong? Instead of being able to re-experience all of those lovely events, I was spending my time stuck at the dreaded "DEALERSHIP".

As you know it all starts with a friendly and accomodating service managers voice, which in my opinion, "sets the trap".  Of course, we've all had suggestive offers before, and we've all had options to just walk away, but who in their right mind could resist the sound of those compelling words, that are so often promised, but never really delivered. Statements like, "don't worry, we'll get you in and out in a jiffy".....ummm. Oopes, they got me again. The end results were very mentally challenging and painfull. Suddenly I was having and seeing images of donkeys with long ears and tail, popping up in my head, and the donkeys all had  faces that looked a lot like my own. YIPES!!

Heck, I was only scheduled for a preventative maintaince checkup.  I interpreted that to mean an oil change and lube; checking some fluids and also the tightening of a few belts. Nothing more...right?.. WRONG!!

By the time I got the beast back, which turned out to be 7 hours later, I was needing new motor mounts, brakes, a new head light, tires, a water pump etc, ect.... all summing up to over $1200.00 (in US currency of course), plus labor and taxes.


Anyway, before you begin to feel sorry for poor little ole me, let me stop you. Its all good, and no I'm not wealthy or any wonderful thing like that, but I have to give credit to where and whom credit is due. So as they say during most acceptance speeches....I'd personally like to thank my wife (Joy) who refused to listen to me during the initial purchase of the beast and for standing up during the process and gave me that.. you know, that look; pushing and literally forcing my hand to sign that 11x14 form, which was titled at the top....."EXTENDED WARRANTY AGREEMENT". Yes!!, Only in America and thank you JESUS!!

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  1. You know dad, us as men have this old trait from when we actually listened the first time to a woman..just back then it was over an apple, and not an extended warranty. never the less, this time..the opposite gender was right lol


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