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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Keep on TRUCKIN'

As I lay in bed resting today, my mind wondered back on a recent business trip. My thoughts were not so much about the long and seemingly endless terrain, surrounded on both sides by various plants and tall trees. I was also dealing with the on and on miles of the tarred asphalt roadway, which appeared to at any moment would burst into huge glowing flames, ignited by the heated rays of the sun above. Either way, I did not despair, because I would just choose to lose myself in thoughts about how incredibly beautiful it all was.

This road trip probably would have seemed shorter provided I knew exactly where I was going. I mean, heck I had a written map and my handy GPS system, but with all of those conveniences, for some reason part of my focused thoughts would get penetrated by that demon called "FEAR". Not the panicky type or the type that brings about total mental shut down, but the one that seeps and oozes its other demon cousin, called doubt.

Oh crap!! then it happen. I missed my exit.

It didn't help a whole lot that I was also moving along at a.... lets just say that, red and blue flashing lights to the rear of me would have been justified and warranted. Now that my exit (state rd 82) was in the far and distant past, I kept in mind that I did have options.

Option #1; Yell loudly with excessive repetition this phrase... !%^**!*#


Option#3; Repeat option#1, as you proceed to carryout option#2


Remember that this trips consequences was no different in how I've succeeded in other life missions before. So, I just simply implemented the following belief system:

Should I ever miss or bypass an OPPORTUNITY... never turn around and go back. Keep going on and moving forward; it will always take you to where you need to be.

* Ask any trucker!

1 comment:

  1. Great post! And you're right...the opportunity will present itself again especially if it's meant to happen. It will one way or another.


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