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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Peace In The Mist Of The Storm

It's Sunday morning and as I recall, its a perfect day of service and a time of reflection. Its a day on rest and of peace. Yes, I agree that all of this could be and should be occurring on the days we live between Monday and  Saturday, but of course many of us don't.  Sometimes we get caught up into the things that we personally value and deem more important.  Interestingly though, I tend to remember that, in every up or high there's usually a down; sometime inspite of an obvious win, there's a lost. Those who have friends, sometimes find themselves friendless. Then there are the rich and then there's the poor. There are those who praise and those who redicue. There are even those who are believer's and in the face of or the glimpse of trouble, they become nonbelievers. The ever revolving list seems endless.

Here's what I know..
 Life is good, yet very very short. Daily we at times, act as though we will live forever. We tend to forget that even the birds in the air, the fish in the sea, the trees that grow and supply us oxygen, then graciously extend themselves to provide us shade, the houses we build to shelter us, the clothes we sew, to clothe ourselves, the cars, trucks and planes we invent to carry us, the shoes we put on our feet, the food we place on our table, our eyes to see, our ears to hear and our tongues in which we use to talk, are all blessings granted unselfishly to each of us.  Yet still, as we stand in amazement of all these wonders and as helpful, useful and needful as they are..., each are just so darn, TEMPORARY.

Therefore, it is of the absolute and highest level of our conscious minds to be thankful for every single second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year, that we experience these life blessings. There was a time when we used to say, "be here today, and gone tomorrow". The truth of the matter is, "You can be here today, and be gone today".  That's the reality of today's world, and it stares us directly in the face, each and every day we are fortunate to live and breathe.

Starting right now, while we still can ...  lets fix that which we've broken; mend that which is torn; build up whom we've individually or collectively torn down;, reach out to those, we've forsaken; forgive and love ourself first, then forgive and love all others... unconditionally.

Let's come down from the mountains in which we've built and proudly stand; knowing everyday that it's only existence, function and utilization, is to look down on others; especially those others we've placed and are convinced are beneath us, because of their spiritual, economic or social status.     

If you find yourself, seeing yourself, surrounding yourself, engaging yourself, of these issues trapped within yourself... trust me there is a way out. Some would say, just get over it and don't worry about it; that it's not your problem to solve. Or they boldly tell us to apply the new version of the "Golden Rule". Which solicites us to "start doing unto others, before they can do it it to you".

Earlier I mentioned a way out; an escape route; a change of pace; a new path in which to travel; a straight, yet narrow road; one without hills, valleys, curves, bumps, faults and errors. It's a true and distinct way out, that can and will put all things back into balance; one that gives life; one that's not made by the hands of man; one that will never fail.

I'd like to recommend.... God Almighty!  

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  1. I'm sharing this one with my son. He needs to hear what you've captured. He lives like the tomorrows are endless - and guaranteed.


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