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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sing A Simple Song

Have you ever noticed how beautiful and glorious a brand new day starts. Of course, its especially breathtaking when you realize that you are blessed to be alive and well.  My mornings really seem to get off to a great start when I take in the view of the sun rising from the east. There are mornings when you can actually see the clouds part, as if they are announcing and preparing to introduce the brilliance of this massive sphere of heavenly brightness. Some people have told me that they prefer to witness a beautiful sunset, and that's ok too, but for me personally, I tend to get a little extraordinary stuff with the incoming mornings.

Now that my eyes have adjusted to "Ole' Mr. Sun", all of my other senses are also beginning to kick in.  As, I yawn and let out a mighty roar, my arms automatically reach out to embrace the warmth rushing into my window. 

But, wait a minute. What's that I hear ? The sound is so very familiar... It's the same loud and clear sound I recognize from my childhhood; my adolesence years and even throughout my adulthood. There are no words or lyrics that I can understand or interpret.  There's not even any background music or vocalist, yet it is so, so beautiful.

It's the sound of birds singing.. and they're singing the same ole songs.

As this particular sunrise and future sunrise's come and go, I'm reminded daily, that life's ever ticking time clock, does not wait for me or anyone and that no matter what I think or do, it will continue to wind down.  Fortunately, there is peace in knowing that with each beautiful sunrise and sunset; and as each of these sweet and gentle young soliders also begin to age. I know they will never forsake; abandon or forget to herald the new day with a song........Songs that will never, never grow old. 


  1. I love the sound of birds in the morning. I find it comforting somehow.

  2. What a wonderful attitude about life! When I lived in Miami (only for 6 months) I used to watch the sun rise out of the ocean every morning. What a glorious way to start each day! Continue to enjoy your retirement. Sounds like you have many sunny days ahead.

  3. I couldn't agree more! I live on a lake and there's nothing more inspiring than watching the sun rise above the glistening water. Carpe diem!


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